It has come. Nothing more remains than to stand by your choice and cast it. Let’s do that then, without fear and with hope — whatever may come


For weeks the topic of conversation has been the EU debate. Britain seems to have moved away from its general apathy towards politics, leaving the electorate strongly divided. Today that conversation has to come to an end. Britain has to decide.

During the campaign two issue have dominated. It’s a battle between immigration and the economy. The question is what is most important? That changes depending on whom and where you ask. The country may decide a nationally shared decision tomorrow, but whichever way the result goes, there is going to be a large share of voters who disagree with the current state of the UK. That sense of disagreement could lead to Scottish independence. The ballot paper may not include the name of the PM, but David Cameron may not be our Prime Minister by the weekend.

If you think this vote doesn’t matter think again. It will change our borders, our level of sovereignty and our trade. The question may be blindly simple, I’m afraid, but the answer is much more complex.

Whichever way you decide, make sure to vote. This will change your future and it will affect us all.

The choice over our future is between hope and fear. I choose the argument of passion, and the argument of hope. The Leave argument has offered hope to those who have suffered for too long. Unemployed, disengaged and pessimistic. The referendum has offered renewed hope to the UK. Britain is a proud, strong nation. Remain say we can’t do it and that we have no choice but to suffer under Brussels. I say we can! Vote with your heart, vote with passion. I plead with passion and nerve in asking that you VOTE LEAVE! We have one chance, take it and vote leave!

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