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119 communities were destroyed to make way for Rio’s Olympics

Blood, sweat and tears — and no, I’m not talking about the athletes …   The Olympics in Brazil has only put additional stress on an already strained market, and a country stricken by poverty with a dysfunctional health system….

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Helping Elderly Dementia Sufferers find Peace of Mind

Dementia is not an Adams’ family nickname, but a debilitating illness that can affect anyone. Getting the right help and treatment can save a lot of suffering, both to the patient and their family    Life expectancies are increasing by…

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Hillary finally overtakes Kamikaze Trump

Once a firm favourite for the presidential crown, Clinton has been struggling to live up to the expectations. If she wins now, it will be more a case of ‘better her than him’, instead of ‘Hooray Hillary!’    Imagine a…

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