Wanting that perfect home and actually getting it can be tricky. Looks can be deceiving, which is why you need to know a few things before committing yourself to a purchase


Getting on the property ladder isn’t easy for most people in today’s market. Property is a fantastic investment, but for young people as first-time buyers, the wrong choice can become a real money pit. Read on for some issues you might not have considered, but need to be aware of as you buy your first home.


I’m not just talking about the neighbourhood here. That is obvious. But you also need to think about where about your property is located on the street. Is it at the end of T-junction, or a corner? Will car lights be forever shining into your window at night when they turn? What if it is near a takeaway or pub? Does that mean that parking outside your own front door will be impossible?

Another aspect of location that few first-time buyers need to consider is the distance between the house and your relatives. While we all joke sometimes that it’s better to be as far away as possible from them. In reality, long journeys keep families apart and erode the bond between parents and siblings. If family life s important to you, be sure to look at a place within suitable and convenient travelling distance from your parents’ house.


Something that you need to be very wary of when investing in your first property is its condition. This is why it is a legal requirement that a survey takes place before any money changes hands. Homes that look perfectly fine from the outside can harbour complex structural issues that will be a drain on your finances to fix.

There are many hidden structural problems that only experts like lintel repairs or structural engineers will be able to diagnose and fix. If you have any concerns about a particular element of the building you are looking at it’s always better to play safe than sorry. Ask for an expert’s opinion in addition to the survey.


Unless you are very green-fingered, the garden in your first home might not be the highest thing on your priority list. However, it is worth taking a good look around before you agree on an asking price. You can negotiate a lower price for an overgrown garden that needs clearing.

Also, consider the size of the garden. Will you be able to maintain its upkeep so it’s a pleasing space to enjoy, or will it be too much for you?

Style of home

While it’s often the style of home that often attracts buyers in the first place, it is crucial to know what you are getting into. Familiarize yourself with the benefits of the different types and ages of properties that are on the market in your price range.

A sensible buyer will draw up a pros and cons list to decide whether the features of their new potential home will fit in with their lifestyle. It’s very easy to have a specific idea in your head of what you think you want. But you could be missing out on some fabulous bargains by not viewing alternative options which could equally work for you.

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