Make the right choice for YOU, and see your property provide you with extra financial security to live a more beautiful life


Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime. As interest rates drop, it’s now a good time to start thinking about how a property could become your payday. Although you need to have a deposit to get yourself onto the property ladder, once you have done that, there is no going back. Many people just consider buying a home to live in, and that’s it. But I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how investing in a different way could pay off financially.

Buying a project for renovation

A project house is one that needs work. A lot of work. You may need to replace the kitchen or bathroom, even both. Perhaps knock walls down and start again. Even considering extensions or add-ons to the home. Once all the renovations have taken place it’s essential to finish the home off to a good standard, then place it back on the market. Keeping the costs as low as possible will maximise the profit you make. However, many people want to grab these property bargains, so it is essential to keep an eye on your local estate agents. It’s good to keep one step ahead online and look at Taylors here or other agents.

Investing big for a retirement nest egg

Buying a house that needs work is not for everyone. Sometimes you just want to make one good investment that will prove rewarding. This is why investing in a property at the highest end of your budget won’t be a bad thing. Property prices do tend to stay the same over the years, or they can rise considerably, especially if you decide to make improvements along the way. Investing now could create a nice payday come retirement age.

Renting out a property for a monthly income

Sometimes a payday means getting a monthly income. This is where buying an additional property to rent out could be the way forward. A rental income could pay off a mortgage payment and still offer an extra bit of profit. In the long term, you also have another property that over the years will have earned some equity, making this type of investment a lucrative option.

Think about branching out abroad

A great investment idea is to buy a property abroad. There are a couple of ways you can utilise this option. The first being a holiday home for yourself. The property will earn you equity over the years, and this could also save you a fortune on holidays in the future. Another alternative is to rent out your holiday home. This will provide you with a weekly or monthly income. Popular destinations could mean that your home is rented out for many weeks of the year, making this option a great payday for you every month. It can be difficult to buy abroad though, so make sure you do some research online before parting with any money.

I hope this has inspired you to think more about your property investments and how to make them work better for you.

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