We love our smartphones. They’re a portal into a digital world of untold riches. One moment we’re on our favorite game, the next we’re spamming posts on Facebook. But don’t let this turn you into a reclusive crocodile in the real world


Smartphones have a darker side. They can end up making us far less sociable than we would otherwise be. They can also take their toll on our health and that of the environment. Here are some smartphone usage rules that will let you have your fun the guilt-free way.

Set Time Limits

Most of us have switched on Facebook or YouTube with the intention of spending only a few minutes checking posts and subscriber updates. But too often, a few moments of browsing and clicking can turn into an hour and more.

Stop. Make sure you set yourself a time limit so that you don’t constantly have your face in your phone. Also, avoid watching things on your phone late at night, something that can easily affect your sleep.

Recycle Your Old Handset

With the environment being in the state that it’s in, recycling your phone has never been more important. But far too many people don’t bother. Instead, they chuck their old handsets into the bin without a second thought. And, as a result, they put a bunch of dangerous heavy metals into landfill.

Recycling your phone has two main benefits. The first is that you avoid putting even more pollution into the local groundwater. The second, you give less fortunate people the opportunity to get their hands on a phone for cheap. Many recyclers will often refurbish phones and pass them on for reuse.

Don’t Ignore People

A lot of people stay on their smartphones in situations where they’d ordinarily be expected to interact with others. Take, for instance, queueing for the checkout at the supermarket. In this situation, you would generally be expected to withdraw from your smartphone and interact with the cashier. But, of course, many people don’t and continue with whatever it was that they were doing, such as taking more calls and messages. In the place of courteous interaction, gestures are given out to indicate what is desired of the assistant — not exactly what you might call great etiquette. Next time, why not ask the caller to go on hold and try talking with the person right in front of you.

Don’t Text While Driving

The statistics on phone use while driving are pretty shocking. Some studies estimate that using your phone makes it nine times more likely that you’ll have an accident. And this doesn’t just include calls; it includes texting too. We’ve all seen what happens when people text on the motorway. Their cars swerve from side to side, and they constantly have to make quick corrections because they’re not keeping their eyes on the road. Texting while driving puts everybody at risk, so don’t do it.

Take A Break From Time To Time

Lastly, don’t forget that you and your phone are not surgically attached. Experts recommend that people disconnect from their phones for a weekend at least once a year. This time apart can help you gain a fresh perspective, opening you up to new experiences.

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