There is much speculation on the internet about Clinton’s physical state and conspiracy theories aside, there are some questions the campaign needs to answer


Undoubtedly, claims that Hillary Clinton is dead with a body double in her place have little factual ground. But realistic speculation as to whether she is covering up more then pneumonia is growing.

Even if it is just a case of pneumonia, she may have got lucky in this election. In any other campaign, a health issue such as this could be a huge swing factor in favour of the other candidate. Yet, due to the incomparability of Clinton and Trump, it seems unlikely that people are torn between the two. This episode is unlikely to be the deciding factor which pushes voters towards Trump. But while a case of mild pneumonia might not be a deciding factor between the two candidates, the increased speculation over Clinton’s ‘fitness for office’ between now and November could be.

Clinton’s health has raised questions numerous times in the past, not just after the incident of her fainting at a 9/11 memorial. Will her secrecy and reluctance to openly discuss the state of her health ultimately be her downfall? Clinton already has a reputation for being untrustworthy in the public eye. The fact that she has kept her recent diagnosis a secret until forced to come clean after fainting, doesn’t do her any favours as far as her public image is concerned.

Trump and his campaign team I’m sure will be questioning Hillary’s health no end for the next two months, in a bid to prove that she doesn’t have the ‘physical stamina’ to be President of the US. However, Clinton’s vast experience of working in the US Government and her relentless approach to the campaign seem to show the exact opposite.

The campaign may continue to be plagued with health rumours, but my guess is that Hillary will still be able to rise above them.

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