It was the perfect opportunity to put Trump in his place, but Clinton never took it; instead, she was the one under the firing squad


Taking the severity of what is at stake out of the equation, the first presidential debate on September 26 made for fantastic TV. Clinton simply stood back as Trump unravelled into an undiplomatic mess, and the world breathed a loud sigh of relief. Sunday’s debate however, was a very different story.


‘When you’re rich, you can have whatever you want’

When those infamous 2005 tapes leaked two days before the debate, Clinton should have walked away from Sunday’s battle an undisputed victor. Fundamentally, the Republican nominee endorsed sexual assault, securing another paving stone on Clinton’s path to the White House. Unsurprisingly however, the Democrats stuck to their scripted spouting of diplomacy and controlled rhetoric. And it is about time they learnt that this will not win the 2016 election.


Okay Donald, I know you’re into big diversion tonight’

Calm? Yes. Calculating? Yes. Clinton stood there and took a barrage of assaults on her personal life, including that her husband practically endorses Trump’s misogyny. But with her mediation and calm, she missed out on countless opportunities to deliver killer blows back to Trump. This meant the night’s ‘big zingers’ essentially went to the Republicans.


‘Because you’d be in jail’

Clinton and her entourage were undoubtedly doing their best to remain on a higher moral ground than Trump. Granted, they managed to avoid stooping to his populist rhetoric. But the blows that Clinton took, those crude one-liners, they will be remembered. It seems evident that the Democrats refuse to accept that this election can’t be won by rigid scripting or a stronger rhetoric on diplomacy. It will be won by a popular vote that essentially comes down to character, not policy.

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