A sexual offender running for president? — only in America …


The phrase ‘grab them by the p***y’ has taken the world by storm in much the way ‘redacted’ became a national catchphrase during Nixon’s downfall. If Brexit, Trump, and the rise of fascism weren’t bad enough, now 2016 has reached a new low. Women attending Trump rallies wore shirts saying ‘Trump can grab my p***y’ — not that they’d notice given Trump’s tiny hands.

Donald’s downfall

For those living under a rock, Donald Trump’s version of ‘Gotta Grope ‘Em All’ has its origins in the recording of a conversation with TV host Billy Bush back in 2005. Trump, now the Republican presidential nominee, was recorded saying he kissed women without their consent and grabbed them by the genitals. What’s more, apparently they’ll let you because you’re famous and somehow that makes it okay.

No Donald. That’s sexual assault.

Since then a whole host of women have spoken up, accusing Trump of doing just what he said. But he’s innocent until proven guilty, right? So say Trump supporters and a significant portion of other camps too. And they’re absolutely right. But the evidence is mounting.

During their divorce settlement Donald Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, claimed, in no uncertain terms, that he had raped her. The story surrounding the allegation is as pathetic as it is disgusting. Having received a painful hair transplant, Trump flew into a rage and forced himself upon his then wife, leaving her crying in a cupboard.

It’s worth mentioning that she since claimed that she didn’t mean ‘rape’ in the legal sense, and as part of the divorce settlement agreed never to speak of Mr Trump’s personal life with anyone.

If a history of sexual assault, admission of a tendency towards sexual assault and a whole host of accusers isn’t enough to sink the SS Trump, I don’t know what is. Surely Clinton’s a shoo-in for the White House, right?

Oh my sweet summer child, you’re forgetting who we’re dealing with. This is Hillary Clinton. Any other candidate could have wiped the floor with Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders would have done so months ago. But Hillary? Hillary is another story.

Hillary’s hypocrisy

While she isn’t the worst person to be facing Trump in the wake of these revelations, she is however married to one of the worst people with regards to marital fidelity. And Hillary’s defence of her husband’s alleged abuse of power to sexually assault a whole host of women leaves her neutered against Trump. Character assassination, defamation, and shaming of Bill Clinton’s accusers throughout the 1990s has left Clinton powerless to attack Trump on the issue of sexual assault.
To put it simply, Trump is tied to a stake, soaked in kerosene, and his trademark orange spray tan has been replaced with highly volatile gunpowder.

Hillary is a watering can.

There was a better option

Her rival in the Democratic Primaries, Bernie Sanders, was the best candidate in the race by a country mile. Consistently positive polls would have only increased as Bernie gained more name recognition over Trump — over whom he already held a convincing lead. These revelations then would have become not only the final nail in Trump’s coffin, but the flaming meteor obliterating Trump’s campaign; and all without Bernie diverging from his usual statesmanlike conduct.

But as Hillary’s leaked emails have shown, the Democratic Primaries were heavily rigged. Collusion between the White House, DNC, Corporate America and the Clinton campaign, successfully perverted the course of democracy. And so Bernie Sanders, the most popular politician in US history was defeated. Our only hope is the most disliked, dishonest, disingenuous politician in American history.

Hillary Rodham Clinton.

God help us all.

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