He may be slightly orange and a misogynist, but America is all ears and November 8 could see this hellraiser in 


As someone who fancies himself as a bit of an anti-establishment, Brexit politician, I can’t help but publicly disclose my contempt for Hillary Clinton. Her life-long beliefs in reducing borders, liberalizing the economy and the disdain with which she treats the working class, are polar opposites to my more right-wing but socialist political views.

We ridicule the events over the Atlantic; however, American politics is following a similar trend to that of Britain. The liberals, are becoming scarily more liberal, as the right, worryingly becomes more extreme. Each side is becoming more out of touch with the people. This polarisation led to bitter divisions during the EU referendum campaign, and is now what’s driving riots and violence on the streets of America. Political tensions are presently spilling out in ways not seen since the Civil Rights Movement.

The emergence of extreme political views is not happening because suddenly people are racist, or selfish — as some liberals arrogantly claim — but because for the past few decades, the establishment class has abandoned and neglected those they should serve to protect.

When Donald Trump was chosen as the Republican nominee nobody thought he would stand a chance in becoming president.

So why is he leading in some battleground polls?

This candidate has managed to overcome scandals and crises that would usually have finished any ordinary politician. He’s offended a Muslim mother of a dead soldier, he’s offended a whole race of people, and his attitude towards women is repulsive. But I suppose he isn’t your ordinary kind of candidate, and this is no ordinary election.

Though many American voters find Hillary Clinton’s elitist arrogance repulsive, her team are already declaring victory as they focus on winning votes further down the ballot in the Senate battles.

Voters have a choice on November 8: take a risk and abandon the status quo, or reluctantly side with an elite and accept four more years of policies that have no interest in helping to solve real American problems.

Although the US economy has grown and the GDP has dramatically increased, the benefits have not been felt in the Rustbelts of places like Pennsylvania for instance, where the towns are still struggling to find a purpose while surrounded by closed oil rigs and closed shopfronts.

Donald Trump has transgressed the standards which are normally attributed to Western democracy and his malign messages have shocked millions across the globe. Yet despite all his image problems, his polices are resonating with a certain group of people; those who have previously been neglected.

On the morning after the EU Referendum I wrote that the Leave vote had given people a voice — those who previously had none. I have a feeling I may be writing something very similar once the results from America are known.

THE GOP are missing an opportunity. Their policies have never been more in touch with the American people for a long time. Only, it’s such a shame that the man fronting these policies is still, such a buffoon …


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