Corruption and injustice have taken hold of our society. The average person barley has time to enjoy life. Money consumes everything. Join the people this Saturday to show your defiance


Article Submitted by The Million Mask March London

#Opvendetta was born from the camps of Occupy, when Anonymous joined the fight offline against the rising inequality and corruption from the banking elite. #Opvendetta first saw Anonymous march onto Parliament and a re-enactment of the famous scene from V for Vendetta. It soon developed into the Million Mask March and quickly spread globally.

Over the years the justice movement has grown and 2016 is building to be the biggest march yet. It is a chance for Anonymous to show its growing numbers and to reach out to everyday people to unite in a fight against greed and corruption.

It is a single night of civil disobedience characterised by spontaneity and a lack of planning, making it almost impossible to predict or control. Anonymous is a collective online brain, shaped by the many thoughts and ideals of those who support it, and on the 5th of November that hive mentality will takes to the streets. No leaders, no orders, just free spirits shaping the night into one you will never forget. In an era of individuality and separation from our communities, it is in itself an act of sheer defiance to once again become a collective, a whole, and to make a unified stance against those that seek to control us for their own gains.

People will attend the Million Mask March in London for a variety of reasons. Many are disillusioned by the current political system and seek change. Everyone there however, will represent the causes they hold most dear to them; it is always a great place to find out about people’s personal struggles and ideas for the future.

It is not a revolution, it is a defiant show of strength, a single revolutionary act. It is a talking point to get people thinking, talking, looking for alternative solutions to the current capitalist society and its inherent inequality. Everyday we are surrounded by people dying because of cuts, malnutrition is rising, homelessness increasing, our NHS is being dismantled and sold off to the highest bidder, our public assets sold, our environment and resources raped, social care cuts and education cuts — while student fees increase! We the people, are working to barely survive beyond work, whilst fat cats get richer and richer off our sweat and toil. They point the finger at benefit cheats getting pennies while they cream away millions in unpaid taxes; and they no longer even care to hide such acts. Corruption is so rife and open it is now widely accepted as good business practice, whilst the working man’s money is cut year by year. It is plain to anyone with eyes that governments are powerless; the banks balance the books before all else.

Anonymous does not have all the solutions to solve the world’s problems, but neither do the politicians, the bankers and the profiteers. But maybe, just maybe, Anonymous can spark a change in the current mundane way of thinking and start debates, bring information, education and the opportunities to find solutions for humanity’s woes as one single, united whole. We are the 99 per cent.

Join the fight for a better way, 6pm Trafalgar Square, Saturday 5th of November 2016!

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