Live updates on the USA Presidential Election Coverage 2016 from the Shout Out UK office and from Matteo Bergamini, live at the US Embassy election party.


Clinton 218 | Trump 276

Needed to win: 270


The result is usually called between 4 and 5am – unless there’s a Bush v Gore style recount.


  • 20:00 – Guam 71.63% Clinton
  • 20: 57 – So here are the current odds: Clinton is 4/1 & Trump is 16/1. Bookies think Clinton will be victorious.
  • 21:20 – CBSN reporting that we should know fairly early if Clinton is on course to win.
  • 21:46 – The feeling currently at the Embassy is that Trump needs to win big in states like Florida to win (from @MatteoBergamini).
  • 22:20 – CNN Reporting that 12% of voters decide in the last week of the campaign.
  • 23:22 – CNN Exit poll says that 70% of voters in this election are white. Good news for Trump as he is strongest amongst white males.
  • 23:30 – A polling station in Azusa California is on lock-down after shots were fired nearby.
  • 23:40 – Indiana 69.8% Trump (11 Electoral Votes)
  • 23:43 – Kentucky 68.1% Trump (8 Electoral Votes)
  • 00:03 – Vermont 53.9% Clinton (3 Electoral Votes)
  • 00:34 – West Virginia 61.4% Trump (5 Electoral Votes)
  • 00:45 – If Florida comes in for Trump, Hillary could well lose (from @MatteoBergamini).
  • 00:47 – Republican’s overseas believe that even if Trump loses, he has changed the face of US politics for future generations to come (from @MatteoBergamini).
  • 01:10 – Clinton takes the lead with victories in Maryland, New Jersey & Massachusetts.
  • 01:17 – Interesting… Texas seems to be a close call according to NY Times. Florida is over 50% reporting a Clinton victory – but still NOT certain.
  • 01:22 – Trump back in the lead winning Tennessee and South Carolina. North Carolina result not in yet, but currently favouring a Clinton victory.
  • 01:29 – Alabama 62.6% Trump (9 Electoral Votes)
  • 01:42 – The key states to watch for tonight are Florida (29), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), Colorado (9), Nevada (6) and Ohio (18).
  • 01:56 – Mississippi goes to Trump.
  • 2.00 – Over the next few hours watch out for Mississippi, Colorado, and Florida. All to Declare soon.
  • 2.00 – Trump In The LEAD for the first time in an hour. Trump=123 vs Clinton = 97 Electoral College Votes.
  • 2.00 – Trump takes Texas ( rumored to be a battleground at one stage ). TRUMP Also wins, Wyoming, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota.
  • 2.00 – CLINTON wins New York (29)
  • 2.30 – 25% of the vote has been counted in Colorado. Clinton=52% Trump=41%
  • 2.45 – New York Times is predicting Donald Trump has a 53% chance of becoming President.
  • 2.55 – CLINTON now leads by 5000 votes in Virginia. VERY CLOSE !!!
  • 3.00 – TRUMP Wins Montana ( 3 Electoral College Votes )
  • 3.10 – CLINTON Wins New Mexico on 52%. Trump: 38% Gary Johnson: 8%
  • 3.10 – TRUMP Wins Missouri
  • 3.25 – US MEDIA predicting TRUMP to win battleground state of Ohio ( 18 Electoral College Votes )
  • 3.30 – CLINTON Wins State of Virginia ( 13 Electoral College Votes )
  • 3.30 – TRUMP Wins OHIO BY 12PTS
  • 3.40 – CLINTON WINS COLORADO ( 9 Electoral College Votes )
  • 3.46 – FOX NEWS Calls North Carolina for Trump – another key battleground state.
  • 3.48 – TRUMP Wins North Carolina ( 15 Electoral College Votes )
  • 3.50 – The NEW YORK TIMES gives DONALD TRUMP a 93% Chance of becoming POTUS
  • 4.00 – Hilary Clinton Wins California ( 55 Electoral College Votes ) and Hawaii
  • 4.00 – TRUMP Wins Idaho
  • 4.00 – Major US News Agencies: TRUMP Wins FLORIDA ( 29 Electoral College Votes )
  • 4.08 – TRUMP Wins North Carolina ( 15 Electoral College Votes )
  • 4.23 – Oregon predicted as Clinton Victory ( 7 Electoral College Votes )  -not been Republican since Ronald Reagan
  • 4.30 – TRUMP Wins UTAH ( 6 Electoral College Votes )
  • 4.35  -FLORIDA DECLARED FOR TRUMP – key battleground state.
  • 4.40 – TRUMP WINS IOWA
  • 5.19 – TRUMP Takes Small LEAD In Pennsylvania, as more rural votes are counted.
  • 6.00 – European / London Markets Prepare To Open
  • 6.15 – TRUMP now has numerous routes to the White House
  • 6.41 – DONALD TRUMP PREDICTED TO WIN PENNSYLVANIA – this would bring him a large step closer to the white  house.
  • 6.50 – TRUMP has WON PENNSYLVANIA – meaning he is now only 6 electorate college votes away from becoming POTUS.
  • 7.08 – Maine Projected For CLINTON




President Donald Trump. Donald J Trump is the 45th President of The United States. PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP !

6.30 – What Will The Republic Party do next?

Throughout this election, Donald Trump has been odds with the Republican Party Establishment. From Paul Ryan to John McCain Republicans have been described as all kinds of offensive things by The Parties Nominee – Donald Trump. If Trump is to become Americas 45th President, the Republican Establishment will have to decide whether they now support him, or risk loosing their own votes by blocking Trump’s policy plans. Judging from John McCain and Paul Ryan’s speeches tonight, it seems as though the scent of power is too great to stick by their morals and withdraw from supporting their nominee – the future of the republican party will be brighter if they support Trump;as, despite all the media talk, The Republican Party is supported by enough Americans to elect them to control The Senate and Congress. The current form of The Republican Party is liked by Americans and so don’t expect them to be too much party turmoil after today’s shock result. After all, Votes is whats most important to a political party.

6.10 – America Is Solid Red 

Tonight, America has , most likely, just voted for a Republican President – Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the US Electorate have also decided to vote to continue the control that the Republican Party have over The Senate and Congress. This means America is truly republican and that there is very little blue left. The Democrats have been left with no control over America. Even if Clinton is elected, and this is a big if, she will be surrounded by stronger republicans who will block many of her policies. It would be worse than Obama’s final two years in charge – which was described as a ‘sitting President’, with nearly all of his ideas blocked by a Republican controlled House and Senate. If Trump is elected, he will have no excuses for policy abandonment and u-turns. The American People have swung towards the Republican Party. Today, the democrats are left to re-think the future direction of their party. Today, Donald Trump will be  thinking how can I begin to implement all these promises, some of which will face vigorous international opposition. Should Trump not implement his promised policies, he has no one else to blame, and the US people shall blame him – if Trump does break his promises, I fear America may turn towards even more extreme and polarized alternatives.

6.00 – Have We Been Here Before

The Financial Markets have, once again, been ‘wrong-footed’. International Markets were chancing their bets on a Clinton Presidency. Similar, To BREXIT The Markets will be volatile when they open. Expect the Dollar to crash and all markets, including The FTSE 100, to fall too. What is not clear at the moment  though, is whether this is just a sudden reaction, by the Markets, to an unexpected Result, or whether this will create prolonged Financial Turmoil.

5.00 – The Third-Party Shambles 

More than ever 2016 provided a chance for third-party candidate success. With such hate and dislike towards both candidates, another option on the ballot paper was a huge opportunity. It is far too early to judge overall vote numbers, but what is clear is that third-party candidates from the libertarians to the Green Party have missed a huge opportunity. They should feel guilty. As a result of amateurish media strategies and out-of depth leaders, Americans have not been provided with an alternative choice to the two major parties. An example of this is UTAH.  Despite all the media noise and speculation that Evan Mcmullin, Utah-born and ex-CIA agent was going to challenge Trump in the traditionally republican state, he has fallen well short. One Poll put Evan Mcmullin in the lead, only a few weeks ago. However, the result from UTAH tonight could not be more different. Donald Trump has won 53% of the vote, compare to 21% of the vote won by Evan Mcmullin – which is 1% below Clinton’s vote share of 22%. The result from UTAH has proven America really is a two-party country. But don’t blame the system for this. Blame the Gary Johnson’s and the Gill Steins and Independents like Evan Mcmullin alike. As a result of an arrogance towards opposing views, careless media strategies and  an incomprehensible lack of an ability to debate, America has been let down.

I doubt America will ever forgive the third-parties and ever look towards them again for votes.


This is huge. Clinton’s hopes look to be over, a route to 270 electoral college votes seems to be very hard to find. Trump has ‘wriggle move for mistakes’, and actually only now needs to win a few more states, such as , Arizona and New Hampshire. The result from Florida proves that the high turnout we have been reporting, was a high turnout of white voters; and that is what seems will elected Donald Trump

4.08 – North Carolina

If Trump was going to loose tonight, he was predicted to loose ‘leaning Republican states’ like North Carolina and Arizona. North Carolina has been the epicenter of racial tensions, voting fraud and many allegations of the blocking of African-American Voters. Despite all this, Trump has won. WHY? There are many reasons but one that could sum up this results, is the scandal that engulfed the state over transgender-bathrooms. People in North Carolina felt left behind, and almost not ready for this new liberal world. Tonight has seen America tell this new liberal world, to go away .


North Carolina. Ohio. In the last two hours, a monumental shift of mood has taken place. TRUMP IS IN THE LEAD. As we approach, the final hours of the results, here are the states to watch.

Donald Trump is currently leading in the following battleground states:

-Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and New Hampshire.

In the next hour Clinton will receive an avalanche of support from traditionally Democratic States.

However, as it stands Trump’s path to 270 electoral college votes is expanding as Clinton’s is contracting. Hilary Clinton is not out of the race yet, but shes is certainly hanging by a thread.

3.40 – Trump Wins Ohio By 12Pts.

If you are up. Remember what has just happened. In 2012 Obama won Ohio by 3 Points. In 2016, Trump is predicted to win Ohio by 12 Points – that’s a huge 15 Point Turnaround. In Modern Times Ohio has always voted the way the final result goes – it is a key bell-weather state. In Ohio, words such as global trade are frowned upon. Trumps anti-globalization message and his promises to bring back Jobs to America have energized his base in this state and has lead to many voters being persuaded to vote for him. Ohio is a huge indication of where this night may go, and at the moment Clinton is worried. The question is whether this is the beginning of key battleground sates being declared for TRUMP, or IF CLINTON can manage to turn this around.

3.20 – Clinton’s False Cheers

It is now being predicted that Hilary Clinton is to take the Battleground state of Virginia. Amid a backdrop of Trump leading in Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, this latest twist has provided democrats with something to celebrate. These are false cheers. These celebrations should not be happening. In a perfect night for Clinton, Virginia would have been declared without much noise. If Clinton was going to win, more focus would be on Florida and much tougher battleground states. Clinton is celebrating. She really shouldn’t be.

2.40 – The Ghosts of New Hampshire

In the final days of the campaign Hilary Clinton put lots of time and money into winning the state of New Hampshire. Why? She was leading in the polls. The State was described as ‘leaning democrat’. Despite all of this, Clinton was scared. In the Primary Season Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, a result that shocked the Clinton Team. In 2000 Al Gore , shared a similar shock when he lost the State of New Hampshire to the Republican G.W. Bush. in New Hampshire the ghosts of Sanders and Al Gore loomed large over Clinton in the final days of campaign. At the moment the state is too close to call, but pollsters are claiming CLINTON is under performing, compare to  Obama in 2012.

2.20 – Tense Wait for Battleground States.

It is Currently Neck and Neck in the crucial battleground states of Florida, Virginia and Ohio.  The next POTUS will certainly have to win these states.  What has been interesting is that, unlike most elections, both candidates have not looked to win the center ground but instead gain voters by re-energizing the extremes. Turnout figures in Florida, Virginia and Ohio are higher than 2012. This proves that both candidates have been successful in getting their base (their core vote) to vote.

In Florida, Virginia and Ohio, the result is going to come down to which candidate has done the better job in getting out their base vote. Clinton has used a grassroots operation; similar to Obama’s that was so successful in getting out the black vote in 2008 and 2012, whereas Trump has relied on major speeches and national media attention rather than a serious grassroots campaign. Senior Republicans were complaining at the beginning of the night that Trump had not invested enough into the grassroots operation. If he wins Florida, Virginia and Ohio, Republicans will not be complaining then.

01:04 – We are all waiting on Florida, still to close to call!


00:26 – Florida

With Hillary on the back foot so early in the result one could suggest this might be a trend for the rest of the night. However, that said, one major state stands in front of Trump… if lost he will have most certainly lost the Presidency; if won his odds greatly increase. That state is Florida, currently on a 50/50 split according to a poll by the NY Times. Here at the Embassy, that is the most anticipated result. If Florida comes in Democrat, most are preparing to call it a night; if its Republican we may be on route for a long drawn-out battle. The Republicans overseas, whom we spoke to earlier mentioned that, regardless of the outcome, Trump has changed the political landscape for future generations to come…

23:17 – So it begins, will the youth vote turn out?

As the vote counting begins for this historic event, the current feeling here at the US Embassy in London is that Trump must overwhelmingly win over states like Florida, who have historically been key to a Republican victory. The question is, will the swell in voter turnout benefit the Democrats or Republicans? Are young people turning out and has Trump’s misogynistic habits handed Hillary the female vote?

23:14 – The outside of the US embassy:


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