As Donald Trump takes the presidency, Obama’s American dream looks shattered …


Voters have just raised two fingers up for Obama, in the most distressing way for the now ex-President. By electing Donald Trump, America has turned its back on the last eight years of its first black President, it chose a new path. A path that is ideologically different to Obama’s. Trump will rip up Obama’s legacy by: destroying ObamaCare, reversing the liberalisation of America’s economy and Obama’s efforts to change the way America is viewed abroad — Obama changed America from an international policemen of force, to a thoughtful diplomat.

The durability of Obama’s legacy has only been as long as his time in office. Much attention will, and rightly so, now be on Trump. Today, though, spare a though for Barack Obama. Amid all the unprecedented, remarkable, and monumental events we have witnessed, Obama has been served the largest defeat. All the efforts of his eight-year-long presidency have been destroyed.

More distressingly, even the part of history that he still holds, that of being the first Black President of the United States, is slowly being forgotten. A president elected on the back of racial undertones and divisions within society, is currently preparing to take office.

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