We all want a nice smooth life in business don’t we? No big obstacles or major changes. But to do that, we need to make the necessary precautions to ensure the rough doesn’t mix with the smooth. So here’s a few pointers on how we can keep our precious businesses as well as our lives that little bit more protected.


It’s best to cover our backs in these technological but treacherous times. Who knows what we might have to pay out if an accident occurs? Who knows what trouble we might be in? How much will it affect our once stable business?

The first thing we have to look at is our insurance. Does it cover the whole business? And if not, what elements does it specifically keep secure? If you’re not happy with your insurance, have a look around online or through other forms of media and find the best deal for you and your business. You may then want a private consultation with your insurance people, whether it be TrustATrader insurance or for another company that you’ve chosen. Once you know the ins and outs of the cards that you’ve been dealt, you should then have sound peace of mind and be able to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

A risk assessment should be carried out on the opening of your business. This is to ensure there are no possible hazards in the office. Walk round the office with a health and safety officer. You can never be too careful, especially with such an important decision like this. Once this has been recorded and the necessary precautions carried out, then your business should be that little bit safer. To add additional cover, keep an accident book on site to record any mishaps. This should help you in the setting up of any further precautions.

Health and safety seminars should also be held every few months. Organise an outside team to come in and remind the staff of the worries and solutions for each potential problem in the workplace. Make it an all-morning or even an all-day thing. You may lose a day of potential business but it is important to be prepared for such eventualities. Remind any clients of this. Yes, these seminars may be a little bit boring and staff may regard them as a complete waste of time but again, it’s covering your back, taking the pressure off your shoulders and passing the responsibility onto each individual. Your staff should be paying attention and recording notes from the seminar. Remind them of this, in case they have to face a real accident one day which was covered by the teachings.

With these helpful tips, hopefully your thriving business will start feeling that little bit more safe and secure. Remember this is your project and you’ve worked incredibly hard to get it to this stage, so don’t let something small and stupid like an accident in the workplace derail you or your successful enterprise.

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