As the world looks to France for the next major election of the West, it seems the revolutionary baton of the white working class is destined for Marine Le Pen


Brexit is decided. Orbán is spouting right-wing rhetoric from Budapest. More pressingly, a Trump administration looms.

Although over half a year away, a global pattern is clear, and it may have already sealed the fate of France’s presidential election.

Leader of the National Front, once the far-right underdogs in French politics, Le Pen seems to be the only almost certain contender for the presidency. Nikolas Sarkozy and four others have officially conceded defeat in the Republican primaries.

Meanwhile, it is almost impossible to imagine a successful rerun for François Hollande. With left-wing parties seemingly unable to come up with a promising candidate, France is set for a choice towards the right, or the far right.

Le Pen takes the baton for the latter. As a staunch nationalist, her opinions on immigration, Euroscepticism, and the ‘establishment’ were once denounced as belonging to the radical minority. Ring any bells?

Now her political ideals are riding on a global high tide. If she is able to catch the wave correctly, this win should not be too difficult for her.

With the ambition of a referendum similar to Britain’s, a ‘Frexit’ in Le Pen’s France would be the next domino to the collapse of the European Union. To the dismay of many, this seems very likely now — if not inevitable.


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