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Peter Hitchens: The UK Is A Doomed Society For Young People

In our exclusive interview, Peter discusses his views on Trump, leaving the European Union and its apparent impact on young people, his Marxist roots and how doomed a society the UK truly is.

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Secret Art World: Interview Exclusive with Haitian Art Representative, Alex Latour

Western media often focuses on Haiti’s tragic history of poverty and natural disasters, but there is another side to Haiti that we don’t see on TV   Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti early last month leaving hundreds dead, and was said…

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Welcome to the Dark Ages and the Decline of Intellectualism in Politics

We are in a period where knowledge is no longer power, ignorance is.   Throughout 2016, there has been a disturbingly rapid rise of anti-intellectualism in US and UK politics. Genuine knowledge and research has, in many instances, been replaced…

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