With the accession of Paul Nuttall, UKIP are back and heading north into Labour’s heartland. As things stand, Corbyn cannot stop them.


‘That will deter Labour voters’


In an interview on Sunday morning, Angela Eagle MP defended her party. She argued that a thorough insight into Nuttall’s former voting on jobs will put Labour supporters off the change.

This however ignores seismic evidence throughout 2016 that policy in a post-truth Britain is null and void. If Nuttall can tell people what they want to hear, Labour’s heartland will be snapped up before they can even say ‘immigration’.

This rests on the shoulders of Corbyn. Somehow remaining ignorant of the role that immigration had on Brexit, the far-left leader is signing his party to history. More importantly, he is allowing Britain’s left to be drawn in by the far-right.


‘A boss who exploits the rules to further his own career’


If Labour were guided by centrism they would have the ability to appeal to the masses. With the May Government inspiring little confidence amongst the working class, and Corbyn being dangerously out of touch with 2016 Britain, Nuttall’s path is clear.

In her first PMQs, May took aim at Corbyn for being a leader who advanced his own career over the future of his party. It was true then, and it is true now. To ensure that right-wing populism does not infiltrate the British Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn must realise that he needs to go.

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