Dear Reader,

I can’t believe another year is coming to an end. For us at Shout Out UK it’s been an incredible year. Our ever increasing journalistic quality and our first major investigative piece on students being forced into £10k debt due to loans being cancelled by Student Finance England has helped increased our audience, which has more than doubled in a year!

We have introduced video interviews and graphic animations for the first time with incredible success. One of our interviews on Peter Hitchens might break the six-figure mark before the year is up!

Finally, our flagship Political Literacy Course has expanded out of London and is now being delivered as far North as Yorkshire! It was launched this January in London.

It is incredible and never would I have thought we could achieve so much in such a small amount of time. We could never have achieved this without YOU, our readers. You are the reason we exist and the reason we can carry on giving young people a platform to shout out and be heard; as well as the tools and information needed to be involved in politics.

So Thank You, from all of us here at Shout Out UK! Thank you to our writers, our volunteers, our staff and of course our readers.


We have an incredible number of events and projects planned for 2017. From films that delve into the seedy underbelly of politics to a variety of incredible events; including, a new and revolutionary way for you, the reader, to become more involved in what we do — with the added bonus of making some money out of it too!

So watch this space and stay tuned. We are spearheading a nationwide movement to show that the voice of the next generation is powerful, important and relevant. We are only just getting started …

Merry Christmas!

M Bergamini

Matteo Bergamini

Founder & Director

Shout Out UK

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