You could say that Europeans have spent too long with their heads in the sand. You’d probably be right too. After all, 15 years have passed since the atrocities of 9/11 — inside job or not — and it is a certainty that the world is far more dangerous now, than on that day.


Sadly, since that particular mess was made on U.S. soil on September 11, 2001 and on British soil in London, 7th July, 2005, Islamic jihad mentalities have made enormous advances numerically, territorially, propagandistically and economically. This was beyond all predictions, except for that of the late Christopher Hitchens in 2005.

Of course, Hitchens would not have classed it as a prediction, rather, a statement that has been made very clear throughout the Quran and by Muslim scholars since the religion of Islam came into existence. Unsurprisingly though, British-Muslim clerics refuse to accept that this notion exists, while educational boards in the U.K. refuse to teach young children anything other than the idea of Islam being the ‘religion of peace’.

Herein lies part of our problem. The Muslim jihadists who managed to hijack American Airlines flight 11 and United Airlines flight 175 on that fateful day, found themselves able to achieve their — from an Islamic perspective — massive successes, not because of their own incredible talents or divinely warranted powers, but because Western leaders are unwilling to accept the fact that Islam given the concept of Sharia, is quite incompatible with Western culture. Or any culture that follows a doctrine which is not Islamic.

To borrow from I.Q. al-Rassooli, truth-teller of the Islamic world and author of Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam:

‘These murderous Muslim felons have been able to achieve the impossible because our elite leaders are criminally negligent, since they have not studied Muhammad’s Quran and Sunna (the foundations of Sharia), thus totally ignoring one of the fundamentals of winning a war: Know your enemy as well as yourself’.

Suddenly I’ve probably thrown you with the phrase, ‘winning a war’. It sounds extreme, I know, and I do not much like using the phrase myself — but it is applicable to the rise of Islam in the Western hemisphere, and even the history of its rise in Asia Minor (now Turkey). It can be said that leading academics, politicians and intelligence agencies in the West have been pulling the veil over our eyes for almost half a century, by dodging and diving under the ultimate truth that tells the reason for Muslims ‘terrorising’ Europe and committing atrocities globally: Muhammad’s Quran.

Now, I am fully aware that the above tends to be classed as ‘discrimination against Muslims’, or I’ll be called a ‘bigot’ by those who care very little for the truth, or the Left Liberals among us. What I mean by this however, is that I have taken the time to study the Islamic doctrine and have found it to be less than satisfactory on a number of topics. Unfortunately it has become very difficult to say so, because over the last decade European think-tanks have coined a term that is now applicable to any statement of truth concerning this particular matter: ‘Islamophobic’. The result is that free speech in a democracy has been transformed into little more than a mind-closing, intellectual Gulag.

Islamophobia as a term is almost, in my humble opinion, a laughable offence. Combining the name of a doctrine with a word that is defined as ‘an irrational fear’ in an effort to silence the truth surrounding it, will prove to be a fool’s errand. Especially, when the masses finally choose to open their eyes to the actions of the more radical Muslims across the globe, and when they choose to read the Quran; more specifically, the first nine chapters of Muhammad’s Quran, without the assisted ‘interpretation’ of British Imams.

Currently Western elites, especially British ones, fail to address the source of the Islamic issue across Europe. Instead, they address only the symptoms. Because of this, the West will never successfully rid itself of the negative facets of Islam, nor the terms that have been coined to oppose those who speak out against the ideological fallacies sprawled across its scriptures.

Simply by reading the, previously mentioned, first nine chapters of the Quran, it would be borderline impossible for any decent human being with a moral compass, basic logic and common sense not to come to the following conclusion: the Prophet Muhammad and his works (Quran, Sunna), the Sharia and the devout followers of Islam are hatemongering, warmongering, misogynistic, duplicitous, intolerant and, from a Western point of view, completely ungodly.

The above leads to a further issue. Based on Muhammad’s Sunna and the nature of Sharia, which just about every Muslim calls for regardless of where they live, Muslims in Europe cannot ever be loyal to the countries that host them. Why? Because European laws are man-made, and not sourced from Sharia.

Back to my first point: perhaps it is time to pull our heads out of the sand, so that we take notice of the augury that manifests itself in plain site: the Islamic doctrine.

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