Life as a woman under Trump

by / 4 Comments / 19/01/2017

I find Trump to be one of the most disgraceful and misogynistic of men out there, and frankly it terrifies me that America elected him as president.


As a leader of a country, children take notice of him, but the message that he sends to not just young people, but all of America is alarming.

Trump is sending a message to guys that it is okay to grab a woman by her privates. That it is okay to call girls, ‘miss piggy’, when they are not skinny. These ideas, and this rhetoric, have always been a part of our culture, but it has a different connotation when a world leader openly degrades women the way that Trump has. It sends a message to the rest of the world that it is okay to disrespect us.

Even on my university campus, I have noticed a hike in vulgar catcalls and jokes about women since Trump was elected. My friends and I were at a football game when we overheard two guys asking each other if they’d grab a girl by the ‘p***y. It took a while for us to register this, but the two guys were serious when asking that question. Weeks following the election, I remember my guy friends joking around and saying that no means yes. Apparently, because our president harasses women, they can too.

Not only does Trump’s rhetoric worry me, but his platforms regarding women’s rights scare me. I fear that under a Trump administration America will become very backwards. I worry that women’s fight for equal pay, equal rights and Planned Parenthood will be ignored.

Going to school in Texas, I have already experienced women being stripped of their rights. Texas defunded Planned Parenthood, and since then, Planned Parenthoods were closing all over the state. There are only 34 centers left, all mainly in major cities. It was shocking to me seeing how many centers have been closed, and the positive response this closure got from Texas residents.

I fear that with Trump as president, America will become stuck in the past just like Texas. I fear we’ll live in a world with no equal pay, that parental leave will be more difficult than ever, and that there will be fewer women in the executive workforce.

Most of all, I am scared that there will be anarchy. Men will say whatever they want to women, and the norm for how we are treated by society will once again change.





  • Is it not more a case of Trump’s rhetoric being akin to society as a whole? This attitude and his comments are simply being given the limelight because of who he is, and because of what he is about to become.

    As for the treatment of women as a whole… Ronald Reagan, 40th president of the United States of America was, and will still hold the title as the most anti-female president. He had a chronic case of misogyny throughout his presidency – yet he and our own prime-minister at the time, Margaret Thatcher, were classed as ‘political soulmates’. Their relationship was warmer personally and closer politically.

    This, for me, is evidence that even the most misogynistic men can be tamed – they simply need to have their theories disproved, not moaned about.



  • Rosa Latham

    Oliver: thank goodness that most men in society do not believe that it’s ok to grab a woman by her p****y, or that you would even wonder if it is. Therefore dump the Trump’s uncouth attitudes, comments and ‘rhetoric’ as you put it, or that I would call the espousing of his criminal behaviour, is not akin to society as a whole. He is completely out of step with modern life, being reactionary and regressive in his perspective, and it’s not his age; as I know men in their seventies that behave in the opposite way and are at the forefront of feminism alongside women. So there’s your theory simply debunked and disproved; not merely moaned about. :))

  • Men and women both talk derogatory towards the opposite sex at one time or another. I for one am thrilled that Donald J. Trump is our President. I am against Abortion, which is Murder. I am for the abolishment of Planned Parenthood! I am a Woman. I am a Christian.

  • Alan

    I consider myself a patriot … although I was never in the armed services I still after 78 yrs get chills we they sing The Star Spangled Banner. I too am anxious about our new President. I worry that foreign leaders will “play” him, get under his skin, play to his childish ego, and bait him into bad decisions … think Russia, Iran, N Korea, China. But let’s give him a chance but be vigilant and forceful. Remember there’s another election in 2 yrs and a new presidential campaign in 3 yrs … not so far in the future. Frankly one of my biggest concerns is that the US is fat and happy and is too happy to complain and whine but not “do”… that we no longer have doesn’t have the commitment, hard work ethic, that characterized “The Greatest Generation”. It’s time for this generation to step up, stop complying, stop sitting on the sidelines, and start demonstrating a real and robust commitment to keep our freedoms. The woman’s march was great but if that’s all there is, it is wasted. Now the hard work starts. Dig in and let’s go at it!!