Live updates on the USA Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump 2017 from the Shout Out UK office.



  • 09:30 – Coverage will begin at 5pm GMT
  • 14:34 – Pence announces that the sermon was “very moving”, ahead of the inauguration ceremony.
  • 14:39 – The Trump and Pence families are now en-route to the White House.
  • 14:45 – Donald and Melania Trump arrive and at the White House.
  • 14:56 – Just two hours until Donald Trumps inaugural speech.
  • 15:18 – The masses are arriving to view the inauguration cermony!
  • 15:25 – VIPs and Trump’s family have arrived at the Capitol.
  • 15:45 – 15 minutes behind schedule.
  • 15:51 – The Obama’s and the Trump’s have officially left the White House!
  • 15:55 – Protesters are making a mess of peoples’ windows in Washington.
  • 16:05 – The motorcade has arrived at the Capitol!
  • 16:20 – Outgoing First Lady, Michelle Obama and Jill Bidden have arrived and been announced, taking a seat alongside the Clinton’s!
  • 16:24 – The inboud First Lady, Melania Trump and Karen Sue Pence have also arrived and been officially announced!
  • 16:28 – President Obama has arrived to a round of applause from the American people!
  • 16:30 – The Vice-President elect, Mike Pence has arrived! To slightly less applause that you might expect.
  • 16:35 – The man of the moment, President-elect, Donald J. Trump has arrived!
  • 17:40 – Donald Trump and Baraka Obama leave the stage and walk together through The White House
  • 17:58 The tone of Trump’s speech was not particularly conciliatory. His supporters , however are now branding the President as ‘one of us’. How will he do that? Analysis To Come…
  • 18:10 ‘ Yes we did it’ Obama’s supporters cry as he meets his staff for the final time.
  • 18:25 Donald Trump is now signing the official orders as part of him and his team taking up official positions in the White House.
  • 19:11 More than 90 People have been arrested after anti-Trump protesters.
  • 19:30 Protestors are now being pushed back by Police.


14:25 – Good afternoon all! Welcome to Shout Out UK’s live-commentary on the inauguration of Donald Trump! Today will be an occasion like no other; a marker for change in the West – maybe good, maybe bad. Regardless of the outcome, we will be here to take talk you through it, every step of the way. So sit back, relax, slurp on your cuppa, and lets enjoy today’s celebrations, together.

14:36 – President-elect, Donald Trump departs the church with his wife, Melania, followed closely by Mike Pence and his family. They left the church with the background noise of distant protests against the Trump administration, just a few blocks away.

14:40 – The Trump and Pence families are now en-route to the White House to share niceties and coffee with the outgoing Obama’s. In many ways this is almost the transitioning meeting where the outgoing president hands over the keys to the most power building in the world, to the incoming president.

14:45 – Donald and Melania Trump have arrived at the doors of the White House, and have been met by a very positive reception from the outgoing president and first-lady, Barack and Michelle Obama! Politeness and smiles all around, from opposite ends of the political spectrum!

14:53 – Belay my last comment! I can’t help but notice the relatively awkward look on both Melania and Michelle’s faces! The outgoing First Lady looked quite unsure as to what to do with the gift that the Trump’s handed to her.

15:05 – In about 25 minutes we are expecting to see the outgoing President and First-Lady leaving the White House with the President-Elect, Donald Trump and Mrs. Trump, together for the Capitol.

15:12 – Outgoing First-Lady, Michelle Obama warned activists in her final speech: “you cannot take your freedoms for granted.

Whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh – these religions are teaching our young people about justice and compassion and honesty. That is not a threat to who we are. It makes us who we are.”

That is definitely more of an opinion, but it certainly makes for a nice closing statement!

15:18 – The crowd is gathering, and rapidly growing for the swearing-in ceremony; there are 800,000 people expected to attend. Fortunately, most who have turned up have done so to celebrate – there are far less protesters than expected! Hopefully the peaceful transition of power will continue!

15:25 – VIPs and Trump’s family have started to arrive at the Capitol!

15:30 – It has been announced that Donald Trump has renounced his phone for a heavily-encrypted model, the Associated Press reports.

But the President-elect will be no less active on Twitter! He feels that he can dictate the news via his own contribution to social media:

“I thought I’d do less of it, but I’m covered so dishonestly by the press – so dishonestly – that I can put out Twitter. I can go bing bing bing… and they put it on and as soon as I tweet it out – this morning on television, Fox -‘Donald Trump, we have breaking news’.”

15:33 – We expect to see the President-elect’s campaign rival, Hillary Clinton soon. Unfortunately for her it is probably a little bit of a kick in the teeth, as they say; but that is the consequence of being married to a former President of the United States – compulsory attendance!

15:40 – Rival family, the Clintons have arrived!

Bill and Hillary Clinton have arrived at the Capitol. They offered to the crowd a relatively lacklustre wave. On the bright side for Hillary, she will at least be given a prime seat for the ceremony; after all, she is a former First Lady, not just Trump’s Presidential rival!

15:45 – We are now running fifteen minutes behind schedule! President Obama and President-elect Trump must be getting on like a house on fire!

15:50 – There they go! The Obama’s and the Trump’s are leaving the White House, preparing to ride as a group down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the east-front of the United States Capitol, to proceed with the inauguration ceremony!

Ceremony being the key word… it is meant to be a celebration; each individual looked relatively sombre whilst walking out of the White House doors.

15:55 – Well, the peaceful transition couldn’t last forever, I suppose! Anti-Trump protesters have been smashing windows in Washington, as the powerhouses of American politics arrive in the Capitol!

But it shouldn’t be too much of a problem, given that the Capitol and streets surrounding it are crawling with marksmen, ready to defend their leaders of past and present.

16:01 – Hillary Clinton is looking far more upbeat than expected, given the scenario! Her mindset has been given in a tweet:

“I’m here today to honour our democracy & its enduring values. I will never stop believing in our country & its future.”

Very good of her!

16:05 – The Presidential motorcade has arrived at the Capitol!

I hope you are all set for the upcoming -hopefully- smooth, peaceful transition of power between the outgoing President and the President-elect!

16:10 – As my departed idol, Christopher Hitchens would say… Donald Trump has done an incredible job at covering 90 percent of his skull with 30 percent of his hair! He is looking great as he prepares to say his 35-word vow.

16:10 – There is now a sea of people, here in support of President-elect, Donald Trump. Leftist media across the West will be out of their mind at such a beautiful sight of unity for the Right.

The crowd can he heard shouting: “USA, USA, USA” – and that is what is important. Even Bill Clinton is smiling!

16:25 – Outbound First Lady, Michelle Obama and inbound First Lady, Melania Trump have joined the masses in their front row seats for the upcoming ceremony. Accompanied by Jill Bidden and Karen Pence, respectively!

16:28 – President Obama has arrived and been received by huge applause; typically honourable, Obama went straight in to the inbound Trump family to shake hands and wish them well!

He even had a -seemingly- pleasant exchange with former President, George W. Bush!

16:30 – The Vice-President elect, Mike Pence has arrived! To slightly less applause that you might expect. Need I say any more? Most probably not… we might need to switch that cup of tea for something a tad stronger!

16:35 – And here comes the man of the moment! The President-elect, Donald J. Trump! Strolling out in a casual manner, and exchanging a kind exchange with the outgoing President Obama. I think he managed as much applause as Obama, but I’m not too sure…

And now, Sen. Roy Blunt, will begin his speech!

16:40 – Unfortunately my fellow journalists are taking a beating by riot police as anti-Trump protests eruipt on the streets of Washington. I think the protesters must have got the wrong address!

16:40 – Senator Roy Blunt has opened proceedings of the ceremony by quoting John F Kennedy: “Ask what you can do for your country.”

These words were said by JFK at his inauguration.

Guests of the inauguration have been invited to pray, by church leaders.

16:43 – “God blesses those who are poor, God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the earth. God blesses those who are merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”

Quite ironic, given that Donald Trump is a billionaire..
16:50 – Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer  “Our best days are yet to come” Only time will tell

16:53 – Mike Pence takes the stand to take the Oath of Office.

16:55 – Mike Pence becomes the Vice President.

Next up: Donald J Trump

Good luck everyone

16:59 – NOW the main event: The Oath of Office

That’s IT, mark the time 17:00: Donald Trump IS the 45th President of the United States

17:01 – A new era begins in America

17:02 – Donald Trump addresses the crowd:

“We are now joined in a great national effort…for all of our people…[to] determine the course of the world for many, many years to come”
Foreboding words even if filled with optimism

“We are transferring power from Washington…to the people”
“Their victories [Washington] have not been your victories”

“[Today] will be the day the people become the rulers of their nation”

Interesting words from an enigmatically unstable President

17:08 – Fighting drugs: Not something that was mentioned in the Presidential race. Interesting time to discuss youth policies

17:10 – Discussing equality Donald Trump starts to sound almost like a Labour Candidate. A muted tone coming to the fore in this latest leader of the Western world?

17:11 – “From this day on only America First! America First!”

17:12 – “I will never ever let you down!”, “We will bring back our dreams!”

Infrastructure now, intriguing

17:13 –  “Buy American and Hire American!”

17:14 – “We will eradicate [Islamic Terrorism] from the face of the Earth!”

17:15 – “We will be protected by God!”

Tapping into the strong Christian Faith

17:16 – “Now arrives the hour of action” – We’re pretty sure this is a reference to another speech

17:18 His is speech over. Welcome to a new era everyone.

17:21 So Donald Trump is now the 45th POTUS.Coming up is SHOUTOUT UK’s snap analysis of Trump’s speech and continuing live coverage as Trump will take part in an inaugural parade around Washington D.C.


As soon as Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of The United States, he thanked his predecessor Baraka Obama. Sat among previous holders of the White House, all sharing a similar sense of anticipation, Obama smiled, nodding as Trump praised his Presidency.

However , within seconds  Donald Trump then sounded much more like the man we had seen campaigning over the past year. He didn’t choose the narrative of unity some had come to expect. But , instead a narrative where he branded those surrounding him on stage as the ‘establishment that had only ruled to protect itself’. Donald Trump did not hold back. He said that Americans ‘ had borne the cost as a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government.

In what will be seen as a direct plea to his core blue-collared vote, he promised to ‘transfer power from Washington D.C to you, the people’ Today we have learned that Donald Trump will not be a President that aims to appease his opponents – maybe perhaps because he doesn’t deem the task possible. Trump instead will be a President that aims to win the continuing support of those who voted for him on Election Day. This will not help to heal the wounds of America, and I expect the divisions will only worsen.

President Trump promised that this moment belongs to the American people. In a speech that was lite on policies but filled with intriguing prologues for the 4 Years ahead.

We learned that Trump will turn the politics of capitol hill upside down in an anti-establishment rhetoric. That will be coupled with protectionist policies that he promised will mean ‘ From this day, only America will be first’. This will worry the world, but rally his supporters.

In a speech mixed with religious references and a touch of celebrity. Donald Trump’s speech wrote the first day of the history of his presidency.

Today we learned that Trump will lead for his people, and his Americans, not for the World.

17:58 The tone of Trump’s speech was not particularly conciliatory. His supporters , however are now branding the President as ‘one of us’. How will he do that? Analysis To Come…

18:00 Coming Up:

18:00 – 19:00 Analysis of what is to come.

19:00 – 22:00 Live Coverage of Inaugural Parade.

18:23 Analysis of USA and Its Military under the new President:

Obama turned America from the policeman of the world into rather a peaceful observer, ousted by the power of Putin and the dithering and unease of Baraka Obama as he struggled to find his authority on the World Stage. Yes, he lead the operation to kill Bin Laden. Yes, he has helped to diminish the strength of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. But sometimes, that is not enough. In fact, Obama has left America with a lack of power and authority on the world’s stage not seen for a long time.

Today marks a turning point. Trump will dramatically turn America into a force once again. Whether at odds or in unity with Putin, President Donald Trump has promised to build up America’s military again and also promised to show its strength by parading the artillery and soldiers around America. This, I think, is just a small part of the Donald Trump show. He has painted a dark picture of America, as he was elected. And now he wants to be the fixer, and the man who flaunts and shows off the new strength of the country, including its Military.

Donald Trump, in what was the only obvious policy announcement, promised to destroy ISIS and its evil ideology on Day 1 of his presidency. How he does this, will become clearer over the next few weeks.

What is clear is this. Donald Trump, will lead an aggressive and bullish America on the world stage. At odds with his protectionist domestic policies, Donald Trump will lead America into a new presence on the world stage, where the country will once again become a policeman of the world.

Our Coverage turns from Analysis to Live Coverage of the Protestors and The Inaugural Parade:

19:16 Protestors located a few blocks away from the Inaugural Parade. They are unlikely to disrupt the Inaugural Parade and Police seem likely to keep the Protestors away from the celebrations.

19:26 Protestors have been seen breaking off bricks from the pavement, and then throwing them at police.

20:04 Donald Trump has just applauded Bill and Hilary Clinton, in a speech post lunch.

20:25 Thankyou very much for joining us here at SHOUTOUT UK for the inaugriation of Donald Trump. Today has been a histroic day and thankyou for being with us. Please join us throughout the years of the Trump Presidency for analysis and comment on the futre of America and you too! Thanks for joining us, from the SHOUTOUT UK TEAM!!!!!!



Donald Trump has been inaugruated as the 45th President of the United States. 


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