Israel-Backed Smear Campaign Against Anti-Racist Activists

by / 3 Comments / 27/01/2017

Jackie Walker is a life-long political activist who has been fighting racism her entire life. However, very recently, she along with many others on the left have been accused of anti-Semitism for voicing their opinions on Israel.  


The current Labour leadership, the Corbyn revolution, is the greatest challenge to the establishment this country has seen for some time. Jeremy Corbyn has opposed racism and oppression all his life; but this didn’t safeguard him against charges of anti-Semitism.

Attempts to smear Corbyn started as soon as he became a leadership candidate. The media twisted every statement to paint Corbyn as an anti-Semite. And the right-wing of the Labour Party joined in for their own political purposes.

Until May of this year I was known, or in truth barely known, as a lifelong anti-racist, an activist, trainer, teacher, writer and vice Chair of Momentum, the group that wants to support Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

As a young woman I was active in the anti-Apartheid and boycott movements against apartheid South Africa. It was a logical progression to become a supporter of Palestinian rights and of the movement to boycott Israeli products.

I do not believe in the destruction of the Israeli state. But neither do I believe that any state should base its law, decide who can buy land etc., according to what your religion is or who your ancestors were, which is what happens in present-day Israel. So why have I been suspended from the Labour Party (twice)?

Last year a group called the Israel Advocacy Movement hacked my private Facebook account, took this information and chopped it into sections and then gave it to the Jewish Chronicle (a British newspaper that supports Zionism). The Chronicle reported me to the Labour Party, who then suspended me for being a racist — to be specific, an anti-Semite. The rest of the media followed their lead.

I was investigated, nothing was found. But that didn’t stop the witch-hunt. I have many supporters, but since May there has been an unremitting campaign against me.

Just to make it clear — there are no hierarchies where racism is concerned — all racism is abhorrent. But while there may be no hierarchies of racism, there appears to be a very well policed hierarchy of what kind of racism concerns the British media and establishment. You should ask, why is that happening?

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in a statement on his Facebook page this year, compared the boycott movement to a ‘new Holocaust’; a ‘strategic threat’. That means as boycott activists we are up there alongside Iran’s nuclear weapons and Hamas. Yes, that’s me. The Israeli government allocated millions to undermine the activists (like me) by whatever means.

There are anti-Semites out there. There are racists out there. But this recent smear of anti-Semetism has been used to bully and silence, to harass and libel not just individuals … but an entire movement, especially the part of the Labour movement that has been the most active and committed to opposing all forms of racism wherever it occurs.

If you want to find out more, I suggest watching the following documentaries — particularly numbers 2 and 3.

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  • Bambi

    Not to dispute that the slur of being called anti-Semitic can be used as a tool to cast those who criticise Israel in an overtly negative light, but surely this article glosses over active instances of anti-semitism on the left such as those found within the Oxford University Labout Club? Whilst it is apparent that those who criticise Israel are by no means all anti-Semitic, this article implies that all of those on the left who have this label attached are only in this situation due to an Israeli conspiracy rather than their own actions.

    • harman1

      Are you saying that Israel must not be criticised?Genociding Palestinian people and stealing their land cannot be mentioned?

  • harman1

    Sounds rather like a taste of your own medicine?What the state deems as racist or anti semite holds.