Left Fascists? Politics flipped upside down! Welcome to the metamorphosis of the noble left.


Let’s be frank before we get into this article … the Left wing of politics relies strongly on the ideals of Socialism, Trotskyism, Marxism, and similar political movements of days gone by. Diversity, integration and the attitude of ‘sharing is caring’ are meant to be, perhaps, the strongest predilections of your typical left-wing supporter.

Sounding familiar? Most probably not.

While the friendly members of the left-wing establishment do exist, in the form of that typically grandfather-like figure, Bernie Sanders, it is time to take note of the fact that the peaceful, caring left-wing is very rapidly dissipating with each day that goes by — specifically since the election of Donald Trump.

Since the day of Trump’s inauguration, we can see, from over the pond, that the United States of America has turned into both a self-loathing and egotistic nation, divided clearly by antiestablishmentarians and the stereotypical flag-waving patriots. As always in politics, the former category is, once again, rearing its ugly head and alienating huge numbers of people, simply to forward their political agenda.

The Left and supposedly ‘Democratic’ wing of American politics are amalgamating a concoction of dangerous doctrines, with decidedly deranged, anti-Democratic people. This, for a young outsider, is perhaps the most confusing political peak to have happened in our lifetime. I’ll tell you why …

‘Fascism’ the leftist hoards cry, whilst shouting abuse at any person who dares to oppose them; kicking and beating them down for showing an ounce of support for the new American establishment. They’re also setting innocent bystanders’ cars on fire, smashing the shopfronts of high street stores, and bringing cities to a halt. Notice the hypocrisy here? What did the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazis) do to innocent followers of Judaism throughout Germany during the Second World War? What did Benito Mussolini’s National Fascist Party do to innocent socialists in the rural Po Valley? Exactly what the American ‘Democratic’ Left are doing now, on the streets of every major, democrat-leaning city. Perhaps, to a lesser extent, but the principle is still very much the same!

It seems that an ideology which shoulders copious responsibility for the recent protests is the Feminist movement; largely comprising of a number of jumped-up middle-aged, white, middle-class women who feel hard-done-by in a world of supposed patriarchal dominance. To make things worse, this movement appears to have teamed up with the very dangerous, potentially West-damning doctrine of Islam; giving both the ultimate platform to spew misandry and the anti-male, anti-West, anti-political class rhetoric that should not take place in a region of the world that prides itself, not only on its extensive consumption of fast food, but also its impact on the world of intellectual mentation.

It is quite ironic really when you compare the behaviour of the leftist, and ‘liberal’ mobs sweeping the nation currently, to the, supposedly ‘fascist’, Trump administration. The Left are relying on Feminism — which is a far cry from the noble Suffragette movement that originated in the United Kingdom — and on Islamic support, whose doctrine condemns both the West, the idea of liberal, democratic thinking, and most definitely opposes the rights of women. While the Trump administration features certain figures who have historically held slightly detrimental views, but who have come together with the idea of protecting American people, their rights, and the economy under which they thrive.

In many ways, Trump and his right-wing Republican posse are following in the footsteps of leaders like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini; bettering the economy, prioritising the population of their nations. But the Left, who are throwing the word ‘fascism’ so very liberally towards anybody who speaks out against them, are ironically reminding society of the lacklustre ideas of the European fascist movement of the past. The left-wing of American politics is becoming an intolerant, inhumane, ignorant, entirely undemocratic and incredibly brutish movement, which puts a dim view on the future of American politics, and indeed, on half of the American population.

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