One of the best words to describe Donald Trump’s presidency thus far would be weird. A mere three weeks into his time in office, Trump has produced drama around the size of his inauguration, a social media blackout for the EPA, and alleged members of the president’s team are going rogue in a tell-all twitter account.


But as wild as this initial period has been, there are far weirder and stranger stories surrounding Mr Trump that date back to his time before he was president. So, let’s take a look at the five weirdest Donald Trump stories!

1. Donald Trump and the prostitutes in Moscow

Lets start off with the most obvious story. The legend goes that Trump allegedly ordered a group of prostitutes to urinate on a hotel bed in Moscow, the same bed where the Obama family had apparently previously slept. This story was one of many contained in a dossier published by BuzzFeed that also included revelations about Trump allegedly participating in sex parties in St. Petersburg and bribing people to keep quiet. Trump denies the stories, claiming they are ‘fake news‘.

2. Donald Trump may or may not have been sleeping with Mike Tyson’s wife

Mike Tyson is probably on the shortlist of people you definitely don’t want to make angry. But as Trump has shown, he tends to throw caution to the wind. The story goes that back in the 1980s, Trump and Robin Givens (Tyson’s wife at the time) were having an affair. Givens had been photographed wearing a Trump’s Princess hat from one of Trump’s yachts which made Tyson rather suspicious. He allegedly confronted the Donald about it, who denied the entire thing, and then Tyson apparently just went to the nearest couch in the room and took a nap.

3. The Donald chastising Don Jr. for not wearing a suit

If there is one thing Trump does get right, it is his fashion style as he is almost always seen wearing a nice suit. But, apparently wearing suits is something that he not only expects of himself, but of his entire family. Reportedly, when Don Jr. was back in college, the two were set to go to a Yankees game. So naturally, Don Jr. was wearing a Yankees jersey. Don Jr.’s room-mate at the time, Scott Melker, recalls that the Donald came to their dorm to pick up his son and upon seeing Don Jr. rocking the Yankees jersey slapped him so hard across the face that he fell to the floor and then demanded that he change into a suit.

4. Thinking golden toilet seats were the answer to a failing airline

So, back in 1988, there was a fledgling airline by the name of Eastern Air Lines. The company wasn’t turning a profit and looked like it might be headed towards going out of business. Well, lucky for Eastern Air Lines, Donald Trump had a plan. Trump decided that in order to make the airline more desirable, they just had to make everything more expensive and pompous. Subsequently, airfare prices were increased, planes were outfitted with maple wood veneer floors, chrome seat belts, and the cherry on top: gold-plated toilet seats. Yes, you read that correctly. Trump’s solution to making this airline more desirable was gold-plated toilet seats. To everyone’s surprise, Trump’s plan did not work and the airline failed.

5. Bill Belichick is in love with Donald Trump

As is well known, Trump is very friendly with the Patriots’ star quarterback Tom Brady. But apparently, Trump has been cozying up with the head coach of the Patriots too. Trump claims that he was attending a Patriots game last year and he was down on the sideline when he sees Belichick. Belicheck apparently comes over to Trump, hugs him, then kisses him, before telling Trump, ‘I love you. You’re the greatest’.

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