In an Exclusive and far-reaching interview, Luis Alvarado offered a realist’s view of the future for younger people and the organisations and governments that rule us.


The President of the European Youth Forum has managed to escape from falling into the two dividing lines in British politics at the moment. Formerly, politics was split between red/blue, rich/poor, north/south. The referendum tore up these lines and in doing so rattled the political parties in Westminster. Now, the line that besets UK debate is splitting diehard leavers from the equally passionate remainers.

I have no doubt that Luis Alvarado is an ardent follower of the Remain cause, but he wasn’t blinded by his own passion and beliefs. He understood why Leave voters voted the way they did. However, at one point he did accuse both campaigns of supplying misinformation to win the argument. This understanding of the opposite side is paramount to understanding the problems the world faces, and Luis in doing so, offered a realistic view of the future.

He stressed the need for reform within the European Union and is a big advocate of further political education. The need for greater involvement from younger people is central. This can be achieved with school projects to having a fresher, more appealing Parliament that is able to represent young voters and their concerns.

Luis Alvarado offered a dramatic prediction for the future of the EU, saying that it will not survive the current threat of populism if it doesn’t reform. His firm belief is that younger people are the only voters who can save the European Union from collapse.

During the interview, Luis Alvarado showed himself as a realist. He isn’t blinded by his voracious passion for the European Union, and in doing so can see the faults that catapult many of the reasons for populist uprisings in the UK and across Europe. However, in a rallying cry to younger voters, he also offered hope. Hope in the democratic voice of younger people — too often understated and underused — which can save the European Union and its values.

The EU Referendum has torn all the rules in the political playbook. For the first time rich sided with poor, red sided with blue. The two Leave / Remain campaigns united their followers but separated them from their opponents. As a result, political debate, since June 23, 2015 has persistently been undermined or in danger.

Alvarado refuses to join the country in seeing his opposition as the Enemy. Instead, he offers a realistic and intelligent perspective on the future — a view stemming from calm reasoning rather than blind prejudice.


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