If you’re going on holiday this year, you may want to think about taking a road trip. But, rather than journeying across the country where you live, you might want to explore a location a little further afield. By doing this, you can get the chance to see a new country with freedom like you’ve never had before.


There are lots of benefits for taking a road trip. First of all, it will save you a lot of money. You won’t have to pay for an expensive hotel or be stuck in one hot spot destination. Instead, you’ll be able to travel and go wherever you want, whenever you want. So, it’s not just about the cost, but also the freedom. However, the two ideas certainly fall hand in hand.

When you have your own car in a new country, you’ll be able to explore all the different locations you never would have been able to reach with public transport. Even hiring a car doesn’t give you this type of freedom because you’re always worried about damaging the vehicle and losing your deposit. Just imagine being able to explore Africa in your own vehicle. Suddenly, it’s a whole new world of possibilities. Particularly, if you happen to own an SUV. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, we need to think about how to arrange an overseas road trip.

Get Your Car Over There

The first problem is getting the car to your chosen location. But there’s good news on that front because you can get your car transported to anywhere you like across the world. You just need to pick a destination. After that if you look at the best car transport quotes 2017, Shiply comes out on top. Shiply is one of the many car shipping companies that can transport your car across the ocean. Once you’re ready to go home, they’ll also be able to bring it back for you too! To give you some perspective of how far you can go, you can drop off your car in Australia and then take a flight to meet it. So, you can literally get to the other side of the world with your vehicle.

No Plan, A Lot Of Possibilities

Next, you want to research your chosen destination carefully and thoroughly. You don’t want to end up in the position where you have no idea where you can stay, what places to visit and what areas to stay away from. If you’re going off the map, you still need to know your destination. Otherwise, you can end up in a lot of trouble on a road trip. It’s refreshing to know that you can go wherever you want on your vacation, just don’t get carried away.

Learn The Rules Of The Road

Finally, if you’re travelling to a different country, you might find road laws are slightly different. It’s best to brush up and make sure you’re not pulled over at any point during your trip. This can turn a rather pleasant vacation into a complete nightmare.

Even with the potential issues, we think, if you’re smart, this could be the vacation some people only get once in a lifetime.