Katie Hopkins on International Women’s Day 2017

by / 4 Comments / 08/03/2017

Matteo Bergamini from Shout Out UK sits down with the rather ‘controversial’ English television personality and newspaper columnist, Katie Hopkins. Katie is most famous for appearances in The Apprentice, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Celebrity Big Brother. She has written columns for newspapers such as The Sun and Daily Mail and also stood as a candidate in the 2009 European Parliamentary election.

She is currently a presenter for LBC Radio.

On International Woman’s Day 2017, she talks to us about feminism, Donald Trump, Brexit and having an affair with Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Tom Gordon-Martin

    1:47, ‘We’re born with gender’. No we are not Katie, we are not at all

    • SchmierrNippel

      Two genders mate. All else is defect or mental

      • Tom Gordon-Martin

        so if you do not identify as a man or a woman you are mental?

        • SchmierrNippel

          Read my post again freak … Unless you have issue with English