Just hours after Nicola Sturgeon announced her decision to push through a second Scottish Independence Referendum, the final hurdle was passed in London signalling the dawn of the British withdrawal from the EU.


On Monday night the Brexit Bill was passed in the House of Lords, paving the way, after prolonged months of political campaigning and national bickering, for Britain to begin the process of leaving the European Union.

All that is needed for Britain to start the legal process of leaving the European Union is royal assent from Queen Elizabeth II. This will most likely occur in the next few days.

Now that we are on the verge of activating Article 50, this writer thinks it would be worth the while of every young person reading this to consider the future, not just of the nation but their own. No matter what side you were on, Remain, Leave or neutral, we must accept that our future, both long term as well as short term, is not a pretty one. We must accept too that the self-inflicted economic wounds have not yet started to leave their scars. Part of solving a problem is realising there is one, or in Britain’s case, multiple. Once we accept this we can start climbing the mountain placed before us.

For now we must not be overly optimistic but realistically determined as regards our future. We must strive now to fight back not just against a government that seems to be increasingly ignorant of our existence, but also those who believe that we’ll have an easier time being out of the EU — because we won’t. This is all part of the acceptance process, a process that every Remain voter had to go through after the result and which millions more across the nation struggled with.

Remember though, the sign of a good fighter in the ring is his ability to get back in after being knocked down. If we, the young people of Britain, are to have any chance of making our way through Brexit Britain, we must get back up and start punching again. Only then will we have a chance of surviving this contest.

Now the legislative safety is off, it’s time to pull the trigger on Article 50, and we need to be ready!


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