The Center of Cyber Intelligence (CCI), is the hacking division of the CIA. The CCI has over a thousand hacking systems that have targeted Apple products, Windows, Smart TVs and Androids. WikiLeaks recently released an article covering some of the top CIA hacking secrets. If you want to learn how to become a hacker yourself read these four CIA hacking tools.


1. Weeping Angel and Hammer Drill

Weeping Angel was created by the CIA’s Embedded Devices Branch. It turns Smart TVs into microphones by turning the television to a ‘fake off’ mode. This means that Smart TVs appear to be turned off, but in actuality, are being used as microphones.

Similar to Weeping Angel, Hammer Drill infects CDs and DVDs. Hammer Drill is a virus  which hides data in images and creates malware infestations in portable software such as hard drives, CDs and DVDS.


UMBRAGE is a group in the CIA’s Devices Branch. The UMBRAGE collects and maintains a library of hacking techniques and attacks which have been taken from malware created in other states. This allows the CIA to increase their cyber attacking types. UMBRAGE collects computer and website passwords, can destroy a computer’s data and gain access to webcams, preventing computers from downloading anti-virus software.

3. Fine Dining and Improvise

Fine dining allows the members of the CIA to use 24 decoy applications, so it appears to onlookers that the hacker is playing on his or her computer. The decoys allow hackers to look as if they are on prezi, watching videos, playing video games or running an anti-virus system onto their computers, but in reality, the system they are on is being infected.

Fine Dining infects computer systems when CIA members fill out a specific questionnaire that is used by the Operational Support Branch, OSB, to help the CIA adapt and transform certain hacking techniques for the specific task given. The questionnaire asks CIA members about the specific software that is their given target, to questions about recurring access to the software and for access to documents, videos and audio that were found on the computer. All of this information is then used by Improvise to create a specific malware that will be used for the task at hand. Improvise configures malware which is customized based off the Fine Dining Questionnaires.

4. HIVE and The Honeycomb

HIVE is a control software that uses customizable implants to communicate to Virtual Private Servers through web servers and web domains. Each web server is connected to a specific IP address. The server provider sifts through all incoming website and domain traffic, and all connection requests to the customized implant are then sent to the Honeycomb, a tool server. The Honeycomb receives information from the implant and acts as a command and control server for the implant, allowing servers to control the software and help CIA members complete the task on their targeted software.

There are many more hacking secrets of the CIA, but these take us one step closer to unleashing the surveillance capacity of the US Government.

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