With the action-packed non-stop lifestyle of university, it can be easy to forget to make time for yourself and take a break to unwind and recharge your batteries for a busy week ahead. Here are my top five ideas on how to relax, de-stress and prioritise your mental wellbeing throughout the tough months and beyond.


  1. Treat yo’ self

Why not treat yourself to a bit of retail therapy… some new cosmetics after a long day of lectures never hurt anybody, right? I’m loving Zoella’s range for Superdrug at the moment, especially the lush Gingerbread bath fizzes which just make life feel that much more festive. There’s also scented candles and body mists ideal for cosy nights in and the Pamper Hamper from her winter range looks fab, containing a variety of festive-themed bath products. It would be rude not to!

  1. Social media

Despite the negative connotations of social media, there’s little denying the positive effects of engaging with empowering pages that provide a quick mood-lift during our hectic lives on campus. Whether it’s inspiring quotes (check out @thegoodpost on Instagram) or YouTube Vloggers with cute puppy pages, there’s something for everyone. I recommend following @hellogiggles on Instagram and Twitter, a positive online community for women much like our own here at Her Campus, which never fails to perk up my day with positive affirmations, influential celeb quotes and occasionally just photos of cute dogs — what’s not to like?

  1. Get baking!

Embrace your inner Candice and get baking! Baking can be therapeutic and provide a well-needed break from the trials and tribulations of uni life and, y’know, you get to eat some delicious brownies after all that hard work …

  1. Meditation

Between cramming in sports activities, society events and study, it can be beneficial to your mental health (and sanity!) to take ten minutes out of your day to de-stress. I recommend an app called ‘Headspace’, which provides guidance on how to relax your mind and body to help you reach a state of calm and recharge for the busy day ahead. There are also regular yoga and Pilates classes which you can sign up for, which are usually great fun.

  1. Pamper party!

Throw it back to high school sleepovers: invite your girls round, stick on a chick-flick (I’m talking Mean Girls or Wild Child — the classics) and have a good old-fashioned pamper party. Paint your nails, experiment with make-up, try out face masks or even make your own using a few basic natural ingredients! Check out lifestyle blog cookcraftlove for inspo.

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