We know that in between actually finding a job, making sure you’re performing well enough to keep that job and that hectic social life that you’re probably not overly concerned with, the thought of saving for your future seldom occurs. However, just because it’s not your biggest priority doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a priority at all. If you start thinking of your financial future today, it’ll be much easier to reach financial stability; and though you might not think it now, you really can’t underestimate just how liberating that is. The good news is that it doesn’t even require many sacrifices: a few simple changes can be all that’s needed to put yourself on a solid financial path.

The Savings Pot

There’ll be a few financial experts who tell you that you should start adding to your savings pot as soon as possible. But realistically, there’s not too much point. By all means, if you want to start growing your savings as soon as possible, go ahead; but you shouldn’t make that your number one financial goal. The truth is that there are better ways to spend your twenties (both from a financial and social point of view) than adding £50 here and there to your savings account. Save that for when you’re in your top earning job! With regard to savings, your twenties are more about not spending too much rather than saving a few thousand.

The Security

While saving cash doesn’t have to be at the top of your goals’ list, you should be making sure you’re not at risk of actually losing money. Doing that just requires a bit of sensible thinking. For example, you should check out Change Insurer and make sure you’re properly covered against those things that could financially ruin you before you even get off the ground; this means getting adequate medical insurance and income protection. You should also make sure you’re fully aware of the dangers of the thing that causes so much trouble to men and women in their twenties: credit cards. They do not give you free money!

Looking Long Term

Instead of thinking about how you can make your money pot as big as possible, you should instead look to the future and decide what will help you save money in the long term. A good place to start would be paying up any outstanding debts you already have, such as student loans and credit cards. It’s much easier to be on the path to financial stability when you don’t have large debts hanging around your neck.

Your Best Investment

And finally, we get to the best possible investment you can make, and that is: yourself! It’s all about spending time and money investing in yourself, in the end. What you do in your twenties really can determine how you spend the rest of your life. This isn’t intended to put you under any unnecessary pressure; in fact, it should be liberating! Do what you love and throw yourself into it with gusto. If you do that, the money will eventually follow.