Throughout your teens and early twenties you can blow most of the money you make on pleasurable, frivolous luxuries and still manage to get by without worrying about the state of your personal finances. However, as adulthood catches up with you, every little decision you make with your wallet will have bigger and bigger repercussions. Here are three smart habits that will make managing your personal finances so much easier.


Be Disciplined About Savings

This is a fairly obvious pointer for anyone looking to patch up their personal finances, but as you probably know, it’s much easier said than done. Developing good self-discipline when it comes to savings is one of the hardest and most effective things you can do, so it may be a good thing to start early. One way to make it easier for yourself is setting up some automatic transfers to a savings account, which happen right after you get paid. By doing this, you’ll force yourself to get used to your money being saved before you even have a chance to spend it. Once you’ve set these recurring transfers up, try to avoid your online banking dashboard, as this will keep the money you’re saving out of sight, and out of mind.

Keep an Eye on your Credit Score

These days, your credit score has a huge impact on almost every financial facet of your life. From securing mortgages and personal loans to the quotes you can get on various kinds of insurance; your credit score is going to be a massive deciding factor in many areas of your personal finances. Get a credit score from a free provider, then start picking it apart, finding out about the various factors that will bring it up or down. You may discover some errors on your score that need to be corrected as soon as possible. If you’re finding the credit report you get through your provider a little hard to wrap your head around, there are various apps which will make it much easier to understand and monitor the ups and downs of your score.

Budget, Budget, Budget

I saved the most important pointer for last. If we could only give you one piece of advice for keeping your personal finances secure, then it would be setting yourself a budget and sticking to it. The more organised you are with your personal cash flow, the easier it will be to maintain good habits and catch yourself before doing anything too rash. Yes, budgeting can be an extremely tedious task, but the value you’ll get out of it is well worth the effort. You wouldn’t expect a successful business to have absolutely no handle on where their money is coming from and going to. By the same token, you can’t expect to have a financially stable home life if you’re not being organised about your spending habits. Again, there are tons of good budgeting apps that you may find useful for this.