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Breaking News: Theresa May Calls Snap General Election for 8th June

After the triggering of Article 50 under a month ago it was expected that this would be the last political earthquake to hit us. This morning however, Theresa May laid out plans that look set to make waves in British…

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You Can’t Save The World, But You Can Save Your Money

The world seems to be an increasingly bleak place. Even those of us who weren’t alive to see the golden old days find ourselves dreaming about their innocence. Of course, you could argue that news wasn’t so widely spread back…

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Political Cinema: Speaking for the oppressed

It is not an understatement to say that the current political climate is a shambles. From the rise of far-right populism in the west, to the monstrous and frankly evil treatment of LGBT people in Russia. It is the duty of…

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