After the triggering of Article 50 under a month ago it was expected that this would be the last political earthquake to hit us. This morning however, Theresa May laid out plans that look set to make waves in British politics once again.

Just after 11 o’clock Theresa May announced that she plans to call for a General Election in Parliament tomorrow. She will propose the 8th June 2017 as the date on which the election takes place, just under a month since Article 50 was triggered.

What this means for British politics and indeed its make-up is unknown but Mrs May referred to the lack of stability and unity in Westminster as reasons for her demand for a General Election. The hope is that by having a General Election so soon after triggering Article 50 that people will come together and unite around a pro-Brexit Conservative Government in a spirit of determination to make the best of Brexit Britain.

However with a General Election comes great risk. Theresa May, though on the winning side of the Referendum, is by no means on the popular side of it. So far the only thing keeping her near the top of the popularity polls is the unpopularity of Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, someone who’s leadership of the party has also left it feeling curdled.

There is however, another alternative for the British public. Brexit has left the country more divided than ever and the rise of the number of Regrexiteers, (those who regretted voting Leave) may lead to a strong resurgence, even an unlikely victory for the pro-EU Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.

Whatever happens, if this General Election is approved tomorrow in Parliament then from this moment on until the morning of June 9th 2017 the United Kingdom will once again enter the whirlwind of political disunity. Whether it will come out unscathed is another thing.


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