There was once a time where travelling was a rite of passage, that thing you did to go from adolescent to adult. But now it has become a way of life. It has shot up on the priority list of everyone that has a lust for life.

In short, travelling the world has gone from a pipe dream bucket list entry to a realistic and achievable expectation. But how do you stay safe while travelling?

Yes, it is fun, the ultimate adventure, but that means there is a varying degree of risk attached and scenarios that you need protection against. So read on to find out what the top staying safe tips for a budding globetrotter are.


Become A Smart Traveller With STEP

STEP is the Smart Traveler Enrolment Program, a government initiative designed to keep travellers safe. How? Well, first off it gives its users travel warnings and alerts regarding certain countries. Secondly, it is a free service. Thirdly, STEP will allow the government to better assist you should an emergency situation arise. Now that’s a pretty decent program to get enrolled into.

Always Have A Doctor With You

The last thing you want while travelling around somewhere like the wilds of Northern Mozambique is to fall ill, ask for a doctor and get taken to the witch doctor of a local tribe. No. You will want to get the same medical advice as you are used to back home, which is where online doctors like Babylon Health come in. So long as you have an internet connection you have a doctor, one trained to diagnose all symptoms just like your local GP would.

Share Your Itinerary

We believe enjoying spontaneity is a privilege everyone should enjoy, so it is almost impossible to not go with the wind a bit while travelling. But you will still have a bigger plan at hand, an itinerary, and that is what you should share with someone; friend or family, just so they know where you are. If you have no plan, then just make sure you update people of your whereabouts on social media or by email.

Separate Your Money

When you hear a horror story about travelling, chances are it is to do with a mugging. If you have the funds to travel the world you must have money; that is what a thief will be thinking. So separate your money to protect yourself. Have cash and cards separate. Have some money in your wallet, some in your bag, some in your money belt and some back in the hotel safe. The more spread out it is, the lesser your risk of getting into a really bad situation; no money and no hope.

Make Copies Of The Important Stuff

If something happens to your passport, your visas, your insurance documents — any and all of it — then you could become stuck, and there is no telling how long you will be stuck for. So always make copies. Make a few hard copies of everything, but also download a scanning app like CamScanner and have copies stored on your phone and on the Cloud. The safer your documents are the safer you are.