It may be unsurprising that Leonardo DiCaprio produced a documentary about climate change, but I bet many of you didn’t know that he has been an activist for this cause for the past 20 years.


That’s right. Inspired by Al Gore’s concerns during a conversation 20 years ago, DiCaprio started to investigate about environmental issues and, despite some critics flagging his lack of expertise on the topic, he has been doing it exceptionally.

Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens and produced amongst others by the Revenant‘s Best Actor Oscar winner, is the proof of his commitment, not only towards our planet, but also towards all of us.

If after watching Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth (2006) or, more recently, Cowspiracy (2014) you didn’t start thinking twice before eating meat or before turning on the ignition switch of your car on a regular basis, you are most likely to start doing it once you watch this documentary.

Highly enriched with powerful images (sometimes stunning, other times ugly and realistic), effective statements from activists, scientists, politicians (including John Kerry and Barack Obama) and even Pope Francis, and of course endorsed by such an influential actor as Leo, this documentary has every ingredient to become trendy.

You will learn things about our planet that you never thought about before, and you will see places whose existence has remained unknown to most of us. As the actor compares the industry fields of factories with Mordor, from Lord of the Rings, and digs deeper to understand why some people still don’t believe in global warming, he also presents to us some current solutions that certain countries as China and Sweden have already put into practice.

Can poor countries invest in alternative solutions to reverse the planet’s present situation? How can we stop the lobbies behind the fossil fuel business? What is the United States doing to be an example to other countries? These are some important and controversial questions raised throughout this documentary. The truth however, is that some answers don’t please a lot of people and, as President Obama once said, this has become a ‘national security issue’ and not just an environmental one.

This really is a must-see documentary that will wake you up and make you pay more attention to what you are doing for yourself, for our planet, and for future generations. So it’s up to you. Watch it and decide; re-think about your role as a human being or, as Pope Francis said, just ‘pray for the Human race’.

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