When I think about the centre ground in politics nowadays, what comes to mind is an image of Tony Blair developing his own juxtaposition — drinking his morning coffee and going about making educational reforms, whilst also becoming George Bush’s pet project when they both made the joint decision to go to war in Iraq. So obviously, such a contrast in ideologies can be confusing to follow for us millennials!


Whilst studying political theories and beliefs at university, I was particularly excited to attend a lecture on centrist politics. However, I ended up leaving the lecture slightly bemused. I had always assumed the centre ground was about weighing up facts and consulting the relevant people in order to reach decisions — how wrong I was! The majority of the lecture focused on learning about the ‘Third Way’, and if you ask me, I do not think for a second that the Third Way is centrist — instead it was a ploy to get Labour back in action (clearly this did not go to plan!). Consequently, I believe we have now created our own juxtaposition. We have a Labour Party with a leader who is slowly turning it into a Marxist hoopla. We have a Conservative Party that has their party members sticking their nose into ‘editing’ newspapers (i.e., creating right-wing propaganda) — which is why you will never catch me with a copy of the Evening Standard. And, as much as I want to like Theresa May (and I really bloody do want to, not just because she is a woman, but because she has that look about her — the same that Thatcher had, an air of not giving two hoots about what anyone thinks of her) I struggle with the reality that she is making the Conservatives more right-wing than ever before — I am not quite in the mood for the Tories to create more grammar schools when they should arguably be focusing their attention on improving the quality of our comprehensives!

So where do my ramblings actually lead to? I am for the opinion of developing a new type of politics — one that speaks to our generation. But what would this be? Well, my inspiration comes from Justin Trudeau’s memoir, Common Ground. Despite it being a piece primarily about his personal life, his liberal policies also shone through to me — such as promising decisive action on climate change and welcoming Syrian refugees. Justin Trudeau takes a much more positive approach towards the atrocities of the world. Unlike Trump, he is willing for his country to be open to all across the globe despite the terrorist attack on the Canadian Parliament. He is also one to support LGBT issues, and his election promise of introducing legislation making it illegal to discriminate a person based on their gender identity is welcoming.

I appreciate being a leader is not easy, especially when many are demanding for change to happen fast. However, I do wholeheartedly believe that Trudeau’s way of doing politics could be a step in the right direction, and that the liberal parties in the UK should take note as it could quickly help change their image as ‘liars’.

So who is willing to take the ‘Common Ground’ approach with me?

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