London is a pretty familiar place; there are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of things to do — to visit, to experience, to observe. But, truth be told, as we all know, seeing the same set of cobbled streets or the same mass of brick that is only attractive due to a coat of arms or insignia, can get pretty boring. More than anything, those who frequently visit London, or live there, need a new outlet and a new experience.


GT Rush offers exactly that.

Now, you are most probably wondering what I am going on about, or even why a writer who usually rants about political flaws and the appalling state of the world today sounds like he has fallen into an auto trader magazine. Well, the truth is, politics can get monotonous and there is only so much of it one’s mind can take before it starts to crave a little bit of fun. So, fortunately for me, I found GT Rush; a company who believe that thrilling experiences create our most cherished and long-lasting memories. To be honest with you, they are right.

I experienced an indescribable drive around London with GT Rush’s current car, a 4.7 litre V8, Maserati GranCabrio, named Harry. It was sleek, it was stylish, and it made one hell of a roar as we drove around Regent’s Park. Heads turned as we cruised along the busy London streets and my inner child grinned as the people looked on in awe. It was empowering, it was liberating, and it set alight a flame of desire to, one day, own a Maserati or a car akin to it, myself!

As an alternative to the normally expensive, limited track days at the renowned race circuits throughout the nation, GT Rush offers a very reasonably priced opportunity to explore, on a tailor-made or guided level, the streets of London in Harry, for thirty, sixty, or ninety minutes. If that doesn’t suit you and you would rather escape the hustle and bustle of city life, there is also the opportunity to put your foot down and feel the wind in your hair by taking Harry out for a two or four-hour drive through the great British countryside. The perfect chance to open up the throttle and deliver the 440bhp that the melodious 4.7-litre engine brings to the experience, whilst tackling the winding country lanes in incomparable comfort and luxury.

So, if you are 21 or above, have a driving license and fancy trying out, or learning more about this unique experience, click here and book yourself and/or a loved one in for an incomparable, unforgettable trip through London in truly regal fashion, with a strike of panache that daily city life just cannot quite replicate.

And for all you Shout Out followers who read my articles, I have a treat! While booking your city or country drive, apply voucher code, ‘shoutout10’, to receive a £10 discount on this drive of a lifetime.

‘We can’t wait to meet you and take you on your ride of a lifetime!’— Jamie Schachar, Founder of GT Rush.

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