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A Political Revolution: Labour’s Manifesto Gives More than Hope to Young People

Today, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party officially released their 2017 Manifesto. A manifesto, in many ways, designed to woo the disenfranchised youth of today.   Whether you agree with it or not, Labour’s new manifesto is probably the most…

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She’ll be back: Macron’s battle has just begun

Do not be fooled, nearly one-third of all French voters opted for everything that their new president is not.   Beating Marine Le Pen in the final round of the presidential election was perhaps the easiest task Emmanuel Macron will…

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Virtual Or Physical: How Should You Decide?

So you’re going into business, but you’re not entirely sure of how you want to start your store? Before you set up shop, there are a lot of questions that you will need to ask yourself. And while you may…

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