Shout Out UK launch mock election workshops for high schools across the UK after successful launch of their first Political Literacy Course!


With the general election on June 8, and young people potentially to play a pivotal role, we have created a FREE, downloadable mock election workshop for high schools up and down the UK!

The mock election pack includes everything you’ll need to set up a mock election in your school and can be used for Year 7 and above.

The pack, accessible via Dropbox, includes a 1-page guide for teachers, a PowerPoint slideshow, ballot papers and a debate format inspired by our Channel 4 Youth Leaders’ Debate which aired on All 4 on the 28th of April 2015.

But politics isn’t just for general elections and we at Shout Out UK also run a Political Literacy Course in schools. The Course has been running successfully for over a year and recently expanded out of London into both Yorkshire and Dartford. Joanne Radiven, a teacher from Northgate Barnet School PRU said:

‘The students who attended have said that they found it very interesting and one of them has been inspired to apply to become a member of the UK Youth Parliament!’

The thirst for political literacy amongst the younger generation is so apparent now, particularly in light of events such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the United States.

In fact, our Course has garnered endorsements from both Channel 4 presenter Fatima Manji and Louise Haigh, Labour’s youngest MP!

‘Young people have important, inspiring contributions to make to politics and yet their voices are too often ignored. This course can help equip them with the tools to challenge decision-makers better’.

— Fatima Manji, Channel 4 News

‘Many of us have been crying out for neutral and balanced political education in schools for years. As Labour’s youngest MP I know how engaged and intellectually curious this generation is — but often they are failed by a system which does not provide them with even the most basic of political literacy they need to form their own judgement on the decisions being made in their name. Provided with the tools of political literacy combined with the networked information age, this generation has the potential to be the most knowledgable, the most challenging and the most important political generation for many years — the important work for Shout Out UK begins that process’.

– Louise Haigh, Member of Parliament and Youngest Labour MP

In addition to the Course and mock election workshop, we are also about to launch an exclusive new subscription service for schools across the country!

Our subscription service, to be launched in September 2017, provides students with the tools necessary to engage in politics and a platform to shout out and be heard. Spearheaded by our Course — and supplemented by a host of different infographics, videos, articles, workshops and events — we want to give young people a one-stop-shop for political learning and enrichment.

The service is a year-long package which would give schools access to all our various workshops, our Course (both online and offline versions) and exclusive films to screen as a part of lessons.

Our CEO, Matteo Bergamini, says: ‘Political Engagement does not start at 18, it starts a lot younger, with students and young people discussing politics and engaging with it in school. We must help schools engage and inform their students by giving them the tools and materials needed to involve their students in Politics. We deal with apathy by having a more politically literate society and this starts in school!’

It’s time the voice of the next generation is heard loudly and clearly. It’s time for Political Literacy!

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