Vaping is the new craze that seems to be sweeping across the entire world. Not only is it a fantastic way to give up smoking tobacco for good, the vaporisers come in a variety of different models, with plenty of flavours to choose from — so you can personalise it to exactly how you want it!


A key difference between normal cigarettes and e-cigarettes is the amount of smoke they both produce — vapes can produce an awful lot more — this makes them perfect for performing smoke tricks!

You might be thinking to yourself ‘I don’t know any smoke tricks’, but don’t worry — we’ve done our research into the best skills you can master all by yourself. All it takes is a little practice and a lot of smoke!

The O’s
This is the oldest trick in the book, but it’s a classic for good reason — as soon as people learn that you can do smoke tricks they’ll ask you to blow rings to prove it, so you better make sure you’ve got this one down to a T (or an O in this case).

How to:
1) Take a drag on the vape and inhale so the smoke is in your throat.
2) Keep your tongue low in your mouth and placed at the back of your throat.
3) Make an O with your lips and attempt to push the smoke out by utilising your throat (think of it like a light cough).
4) Adjust your lips to alter the size you want the smoke ring to be.

The Dragon
Master the look of a fierce fire-breathing dragon with this technique and with relative ease, too! Make plumes of smoke come out of four openings in your face – and no, before you ask, this doesn’t include your ears, unfortunately.

How to:
1) Take an incredibly long pull on the vape and don’t inhale.
2) Simultaneously, forcefully exhale through your nose and both sides of your mouth.

The Atomic Bomb
The idea here is to release a mushroom cloud from your mouth, then bring it back into your mouth with all the ferocity of a nuclear explosion — just try not to cough when you inhale it all back in or you’ll cease to look cool.

How to:
1) Take a long pull of your vape but don’t inhale.
2) Keep the smoke in your mouth for a few seconds.
3) Push all the smoke out of your mouth in a compact shape.
4) Quickly inhale it all back in.

The Air-Bender
You may have seen people manipulating their vapour smoke after it’s left their mouth using their hands — now so can you! It takes plenty of practice, but it’s all about timing and technique.

How to:
1) Blow a smoke ring (see above).
2) Carefully cup your hand behind it and direct it towards where you want it to go.
3) Once step 2 has been mastered, practice twisting your hand around the ring to make it spin.

The Waterfall
As smoke leaves your mouth it’ll find its way up your nose — make it look like there’s a waterfall on your top lip with this trick. Made famous by rappers around the world, this is definitely not one to attempt if you have a cold!

How to:
1) Take a pull on the vape, don’t inhale to the back of your throat.
2) Push your lower jaw out so you have an underbite.
3) Slowly open your mouth and let the smoke come out by itself.
4) Inhale the smoke through your nose.

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