The creative team behind One in a Million, a London Film School & Shout Out UK co-production, is heading to Cannes this week with the film playing in the 2017 Short Film Corner.


One in a Million is a short social drama which focuses on Kevin; an orphan and autistic teenager living in the South East. Kevin is obsessed with becoming a millionaire and fantasises daily about winning the lottery and escaping the shackles of his impoverished, seaside hometown. As Kevin struggles to come to terms with growing up, the harsh and lonely world of adolescence, tragedy looms over the horizon …

One in a Million, written and directed by Patrick Ireland and produced by Matteo Bergamini, was screened last week at the International Filmmaker Festival Nice where it was also shortlisted for multiple awards — including Best Director of a Short Film.

After Cannes, the film will be screening at the Southend-On-Sea Film Festival on Saturday the 27th of May. Tickets can be found here:

Since it’s completion in late-2016, One in a Million has garnered an array of positive reviews from critics and film zines across the world.

One Film Fan described it as a ‘no-holds barred impact on the mind, heart, and soul’ whilst UK Film Review declared that writer-director Patrick Ireland’s ‘eye for aesthetic is one to look out for’.

Patrick Ireland said: ‘One in a Million was shot entirely in my hometown of Herne Bay and is a very personal and sentimental affair for me. The film is about the disillusioned and disenfranchised white, working-class of Britain. It’s also about how fantasy gives these people a sense of false hope: the fantasy of winning the lottery, the fantasy of becoming rich and happy, the fantasy of a heavenly afterlife’.

Shout Out UK, who also produced 2015’s documentary Anonymous: A Million Men, are about to begin work on their third short film.

Production on The Director, a comedy-drama about an aspiring filmmaker’s desperate attempts to make a serious documentary on homelessness, is set to begin shooting in the summer of 2017.

Once finished, the film will be a part of Shout Out UK’s exclusive political literacy subscription service for high schools across the country. Find out more information here:

Producer Matteo Bergamini said: ‘At Shout Out UK, we specialise in making films of a political or social nature. We believe that engaging young people in politics isn’t just restricted to courses, lectures or classroom activities. Sometimes film and other artistic mediums, are really effective (and fun) ways of showing young people how politics has a direct impact upon their lives’.

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