Politics interests me because it affects almost every part of our lives. I think that it is crucial to know what is going on around you, both in your country and in the wider world. As young people, we always need to be up-to-date on current affairs; every minute, the world changes around us, and we need to know how to adapt to these changes.

It’s incredibly exciting to me because there are so many different points of view, and it is critical that all these voices are heard. The more you learn about politics, the more interesting it gets! There are so many different cultures, nationalities, and beliefs that can affect your political view, and we can learn an enormous amount from these differing perspectives, and learn to appreciate why certain people believe the things that they do.

You can also develop some useful skills if you are interested in politics. One of these is debating, which means that as well as forming clear arguments in your head, you can learn to accept other people’s point of view. Another skill you can learn is how to communicate effectively with others, to demonstrate your opinion respectfully, without insulting the beliefs of others. These skills help to boost your self-esteem because you can gain confidence from talking to new people in public environments and sharing your ideas.

Because we live in a democracy, everyone (once they are old enough) gets to have a say on who they would like to represent them. If you are educated about politics, it means that once you are able to vote, you will already have clear ideas about the kind of things you would like to see from the people who represent you. You will also be able to make up your mind about which political party you would like to support.

It is important that young people have their voices heard so the politicians in power feel the need to keep the wishes of the youth in mind when they make decisions. Young people are more likely than older generations to think about the future, as well as the present. Finally, it is important that young people are interested in and educated about politics as they are the next generation of political influencers.

By Leonardo Camisani Calzolari

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