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The sweet-spot states to live in the USA

Have you ever thought about moving where you and your family can live in a spacious house and still save enough money for other commodities and pleasures? Have you ever thought about moving to a different state, where you and…

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Tough Home Office Measures Expel 2 And Bring 16 More International Students To A Halt

Eighteen international students at Newman University are having their studies halted, with at least two students being told they have to leave the country due to having their visa applications rejected by Home Office officials. The Birmingham-based Catholic institution has…

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4 Reasons A Digital Education Is So Important

Children today are in a world that is run by technology. Everything is online, or run by machinery and with an online world comes an online education. That’s not to say that people have to learn online to be qualified…

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Shout Out UK Team Up With TV Star To Digitise Political Literacy Course

Shout Out UK are teaming up with acclaimed Channel 5 and SBTV presenter, Aaron Roach Bridgeman, to digitise their already-successful Political Literacy Course which has been running in schools since January 2016.   Starting in a People’s Referral Unit in…

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