Children today are in a world that is run by technology. Everything is online, or run by machinery and with an online world comes an online education. That’s not to say that people have to learn online to be qualified in the digital world, but that a digital education is important for students to get by.


Ten years ago, tablets, smartphones and digital technology was gaining some serious traction in the world. Everyone wanted the latest and greatest gadget and companies like Apple and Samsung were struggling to keep up with the demand of their customers. This required more and more people to be literate in HTML and coding, programs like Photoshop and InDesign and most other Adobe guides were gaining popularity. A digital education has become as important as mathematics and English, and it’s a language that is just as fluent. With the rise of careers in the IT and digital sectors, the interest in learning how to build websites, design company brands and upgrade the user experience for tablets and smartphones has blossomed.

We must be able to use technology to continue in the world we live in, and this means a digital education is very important for our children. We’ve gathered five reasons why so you can understand this too:

  1. Equality. Educational resources are at an all-time low. Some schools now require students to have a tablet with them in the classroom and parents are, for the most part, required to provide these. This isn’t the school trying to squeeze money out of parents, and pen and paper learning is still beneficial. However, with the influence of technology in the world, children need to be fluent in coding from a young age if they hope to get far in life.
  2. Future. Our world is already dominated by the digital industry, and this is showing no signs of slowing down. Articles like this one can give you some insight as to how fast we are evolving with technology. People who are important in education should be using their responsibility as teachers to encourage students to master technology on all platforms. Whether kids head off to college or go directly into work, technology will be used every single day. The more they learn now, the better off they’ll be.
  3. Mobility. Technology can take us anywhere. This isn’t just about computers. Think about the transport options from ten years ago and think about how the aviation industry has adapted to the changes in technology. Technology can be taken anywhere, and students who learn early that they don’t have to be stagnant with their careers will be the ones to go far in life.
  4. Convenience. One of the best things about technology is how convenient it is. If your children are learning from an early age how to navigate the digital world, they won’t struggle when it comes to the workplace. Technology is as easy as you want it to be and education in technology is vital for the continuation of the world as we know it.