Have you ever thought about moving where you and your family can live in a spacious house and still save enough money for other commodities and pleasures?

Have you ever thought about moving to a different state, where you and your family can live in a spacious house and still save enough money for other commodities and pleasures? HomeNation has prepared for you a guide on how to install a mobile home which you can use to build yourself the perfect home. But first, let’s take a look and find out the best state for you to live in.

If you intend to build a home and raise a family in a particular way, there are several details you should pay attention to. Costs of living, education, health, safety and business opportunities. There are many states that can excel in some of these categories, but only a couple of them will have a good overall score. In this article, we will process each of the main categories in order to give you a clearer insight.

The first criteria is the quality of healthcare. Thanks to recent reforms, Massachusetts scores high in this field, having numerous world-famous medical institutions and universities. It is followed by New Hampshire, Minnesota and Iowa, which all have a developed network of medical facilities. Vermont and Rhode Island are also praised for their high medical standards.

Besides healthcare, parents and those seeking to raise families, will also be interested in the quality of education. Again, Massachusetts leads the way with its renowned and highly-ranked educational facilities and universities. New Hampshire, Washington and Iowa also score high on this list, maintaining their excellent reputation when it comes to knowledge.

Vermont wins the lowest crime category, with its crime rate being the lowest in the country. It is closely followed by Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Washington, which also maintain their reputation for being America’s most peaceful states.

When it comes to rating infrastructure and potential business opportunities, New Hampshire and Massachusetts share first place. Right behind them are Minnesota, North Dakota and Washington, with infrastructures that boost economy and open new opportunities for potential entrepreneurs.

It is clear so far that Massachusetts takes the throne in most of the categories, maintaining its ‘Spirit of America’. However, all this comes with a price. Having an average house price of $580,000, Massachusetts is rated USA’s fifth most expensive state to live in, meaning that not everyone can afford to live there.

But worry not, because its neighbouring state of New Hampshire offers pretty much the same benefits, but with considerably lower costs of living. The average price of a family house in New Hampshire stands just under $300,000, making it perhaps the best choice for those with a fairly limited budget.

Perhaps the best all-round state for those looking to raise a family in is North Dakota, with its high standards of living yet affordable homes which average around $235,000. Another alternative is Iowa, with its median home price of just around $175,000.

Finding yourself the perfect state to live in, build a home and raise a family is not an easy task, as there are many factors that you need to consider before making the final decision. However, by carefully planning ahead and utilizing all the information available, you will be able to find that “sweet spot” that suits you the best and change your life for the better.