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16 & 17 with no vote? Shout Louder and create change!

In a powerful and compelling speech, 16-year-old Jamie Flatters asks a potent question: What do us 16-year-olds have in common with Martin Luther King and Emmeline Pankhurst?   It is being silenced. Their voices were being silenced by those in power,…

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Yesterday I went to Bite The Ballot’s DeCafe For The Undecided

So today is the day the UK goes to the polls, people from all walks of life will be going to their local schools and community centres to put a small cross on a piece of paper that will decide…

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The Disconnect Generation: Young people’s vision for a better country

At the heart of much of this election has been ‘young people’. ‘They haven’t grown-up yet’; ‘They don’t understand the real world’; ‘They’re susceptible to this lefty hoo-ha’; whilst simultaneously, they are also ‘the future’. Will they actually turn-up and…

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Corbynism beyond Corbyn

Ahead of the 2017 anniversary of the creation of the USSR, I have been re-reading Simon Sebag Montefiore’s definitive biography of Joseph Stalin, Court of the Red Tsar …   While the broad outlines of Stalin’s fanatical, murderous rule are…

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How Will Brexit Impact the UK iGaming Industry?

Britain’s shocking decision to leave the European Union has caused speculation that a global economic crisis is on the cards. Almost all economic and financial sectors are concerned about the effects of Brexit, not least the online gambling industry.  …

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