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Younger Voters Teach Tories a Lesson

Amid the clamour of election night, I’d like to step back for a moment. Theresa May didn’t have to hold this election. She chose to. She surprised us all in her judgement and last night she was surprised by an…

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General Election Result Shows A Hung Parliament!

After seven fast-paced and incredibly tense weeks of campaigning, the British general public went to the polls last night and cast their votes to bring about a surprise general election result — A Hung Parliament.   The result they have…

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Everything You Need To Know About Cycling Injuries Compensation

Cycling has never been more popular. Whether it’s through the advantages of staying in shape, the benefits to the environment or the fantastic example set by superstar cyclists like Sir Bradley Wiggins or Sir Chris Hoy, it seems nothing can…

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How To Change Your Life Without Going Broke

There comes a point at which most of us decide that we’d like to change our lives in one way or another, whether that’s as simple as updating our style, or as complicated as moving all the way across the…

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