When Theresa May announced a snap election back in April it was all but assured that the Tory mandate would be strengthened. Now May is forced to make a deal with the devil in a desperate cling to power. This is when ‘strong and stable’ became a coalition of evil: but how did we get here?


Prime Minister Theresa May’s campaign echoed that of Hillary Clinton’s in many ways. Both of which were characterized by establishment arrogance, both getting what they deserved, for better or worse. May’s campaign was topped off by chilling policy proposals that would make anyone paying attention more than a little ashamed to be British.

Night and Day

An incredible media bias against opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn was instrumental in damaging the country’s chance for consistent, principled leadership. The contrast between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May couldn’t be clearer.

May, known for hiding from difficult decisions (even debates, much like Donald Trump in last year’s Republican primaries). A leader who, during her campaign, had the gall to introduce the so-called ‘Dementia Tax’ and even threaten to censor the internet in the UK to levels found in Iran and China. Yet these scandals were covered with the same tone as Corbyn’s decades-old links to the IRA (absurdly calling for peace talks rather than war) and his refusal to commit to a nuclear first strike.

Inevitably, the Murdock wing of the media embarrassed itself more than ever (though embarrassment requires integrity). The majority of the media came around in the two weeks leading up to the election but by then, massive damage had been done.

But even so, Corbyn’s progressive manifesto delivered historic results for Labour. Smashing the ridiculous narrative of the ‘unelectable’ Corbyn, that, I must admit, even I almost bought into. Corbyn’s delivery of a share of the vote unseen since Tony Blair’s landslide in 2001 solidifies his position as a legitimate opposition.

Who are the DUP?

You may be thinking ‘deal with the devil’ is an overstatement. And you’re right. The Devil has shown more historic and scientific literacy than the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). If we’re carrying on with the US comparisons, the DUP are the ideological equivalent of the putrid cesspit that is the Republican Party (a.k.a., the most dangerous organization in human history). A sexist, racist, homophobic party of climate change deniers (I’m honestly not exaggerating) is now in government. An affront to inclusive British culture and human decency as a whole. Mrs May had to scrape the bottom of the political barrel to pull out a victory.

Strong and Stable

So we have a ‘Strong and Stable’ government consisting of the authoritarian right and the religious far right. But you may be thinking ‘the DUP are such a tiny minority! They can’t possibly have any power!’ and you may be right. But UKIP never came close to forming a government and essentially set the national conversation for decades.

Ultimately, this election came down to a principled left-wing politician facing off against an unscrupulous authoritarian. The result endangers truth, human rights, and the fundamental principles of British democracy.

But this was never hidden from view. Mrs May was straightforward about her damaging agenda, if nothing else.

As comedian Frankie Boyle tweeted shortly before the election:

All the average British punter wants is to be paid less than £10 an hour and be incinerated in a nuclear holocaust, and good luck to em.

But that doesn’t mean progressives will let up for a second.

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