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Grenfell: How The Media Reacted

In the aftermath of the Grenfell attack there has been a significant difference in how the media has covered both the tragedy itself and the protests that have bubbled up in the aftermath. There have been three main strands in…

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How To Get Ahead In Post-Brexit Business

Brexit. It’s a word that’s been thrown around a lot over the past couple of years. It’s one that instills a fear into those who have got businesses and deal with people within the European Union; others, who voted to…

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Young Brits can no longer afford to stay monolingual in a post-Brexit world

When it comes to learning languages, us Brits are abysmal. Under 25 per cent of Brits are bilingual, compared to over half of adults in mainland Europe who are able to converse in at least one additional language. Our lack…

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