Shout Out UK’s online readership has now hit a staggering 1 million per month; further proof of the fact that the next generation is becoming increasingly more interested in contemporary politics and looking outside of the mainstream media for its information. 


Since launching in 2014, Shout Out UK has gradually attracted a strong readership of politically-engaged youths who are not afraid to speak their minds!

The site has been publishing content on a daily basis since 2014, all written by and for young people.

The platform enables young people from across the world to upload articles directly onto the site — like a YouTube for youth journalism — with its in-house editors checking spelling, grammar and fact.

Unlike other similar ‘alternative’ media networks, Shout Out UK is politically neutral and dedicated to publishing ALL sides of the argument. The aim is simple: to provide a global collective voice for the next generation that is armed with the tools necessary to incite positive change.

It’s been a busy few years for Shout Out UK since their founding; from producing independent films to working alongside the likes of Channel 4 in launching the UK’s first ever Youth Leaders’ Debate in 2015.

Patrick Ireland, Creative Director at Shout Out UK said:

‘The last couple of years have been busy … but never not fun! We at Shout Out UK have been, and still are, fully committed to giving young people a media network they deserve.

I think for a long time the media ignored young people, writing them off as politically apathetic. The last few years have suggested otherwise and I think one of the ways that this has been demonstrated is in the rise of the so-called, ‘alt media’ where young people aren’t patronised or certain political issues aren’t repressed because they don’t fit the agendas of certain billionaire owners or shareholders’.

More recently, Shout Out UK have been delivering their successful, 6-week Political Literacy Course in high schools up and down the country.

Starting in a People’s Referral Unit in Croydon, the course has now been taught in over 20 schools in London, Dartford, Cambridge and Yorkshire.

Looking ahead to the future, in September 2017 Shout Out UK will be launching a new subscription service which hopes to provide schools with a budget-friendly way of engaging their students in politics.

Spearheaded by a digitised version of the Political Literacy Course, the year-long subscription service aims to provide students with a one-stop-shop for political learning and enrichment.

Matteo Bergamini, the Founder and CEO of Shout Out UK, said:

‘It is amazing to see the response from young people since Brexit and this latest general election. We, the next generation, want a space to call our own; to voice our opinions, ideas and frustrations … that is what we, Shout Out UK, are all about. Our aim is simple, to provide a global collective voice for the next generation that is armed with the tools necessary to incite positive change!’

DISCLAIMER: The articles on our website are not endorsed by, or the opinions of Shout Out UK (SOUK), but exclusively the views of the author.